Why Is It Recommended To Read Every Day?

Reading is a great way to pass time and learn lots of information about the world around us. But it has developed a stigma of becoming a boring task. Even so, why is it recommended to read every day?

Reading for 30 to 60 minutes every day is recommended to improve cognitive functions and reduce stress. It can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and obesity while improving a reader’s empathy, communication, and concentration levels. Regular reading can extend a person’s lifespan by two years.

Let’s talk about all of the ins and outs of daily reading.

What Does Reading Every Day Do for You?

Books can be found in every building because they are beneficial in so many senses, including for your health. This is part of why reading every day is recommended. Reading helps with your brain functions, and social intelligence, and can even reduce the risk of obesity! Let’s take a look at what reading every day can do for you.

Reading every day exercises the brain

It’s important to get your daily dose of physical exercise, and it is also important to exercise your brain daily. Reading is the perfect task to do this. Reading stimulates brain signal networks that will grow stronger the more you read.

As a visual exercise, reading stimulates the occipital lobe in your brain. By reading every day and exercising this lobe, you can become more creative and better at decision making.

Improve your focus by reading daily

Why reading every day is good for you

Reading daily can help improve your ability to stay concentrated on one task for a longer period of time. The key is to pick a book that sounds very interesting to you and set yourself up in a quiet space. Just twenty minutes of reading a day for a start can make a huge difference to your concentration levels.

We live in a fast-paced world that has slowly decreased our ability to stay focused and concentrated for long. Often we find ourselves multi-tasking and influences such as social media apps and notifications offer constant distractions. Even having your laptop open with email notifications on can heavily influence your focus. But staying focused for longer periods of time is important for our well-being and success.

You gain knowledge from reading

Unlike watching YouTube videos, reading a book gives you in-depth knowledge. Books are written by individuals who are knowledgeable in a certain field, enabling readers to go beyond the surface of a subject.  By reading, you will also increase your level of books smarts which is important to balance alongside street smarts.

Reading can improve your empathy

Daily reading improves a person’s ability to feel others’ pain. Empathy is important for us to be able to connect and understand one another. It helps us support our friends and family in tough times. Building your empathy can help when parents and kids aren’t getting along, or your friend is going through a hard experience. Being empathetic can also reduce stress while improving our relationships.

A study found that long-term readers of fiction books are likely to show higher levels of empathy. It really seems like a great excuse to whip out good quality fiction on the daily. All you have to say is that you are taking your daily half an hour to improve your empathy to become a better person.

Daily reading enhances your communication skills

Reading every day will build your communication skills alongside your empathy, which is the best duo for your relationships. Good communication skills are sought out by employers as well as friends and partners. Reading every day can increase your success at work and in your personal life! A study found that 69% of prospective employers seek and hire candidates with good soft skills. One of these key skills is effective communication.

Extend your lifespan by reading a little every day

This benefit is probably one of the most exciting motivating factors to start daily reading. A 12-year study focusing on health and retirement showed that book readers lived approximately 2 years longer than non-readers. The study further showed that individuals who spend 30 minutes daily reading were 23% more likely to live longer than non-readers. It’s not quite the immortality that fairies in fantasy novels get, but it’s pretty cool that just reading can extend your lifespan.

Reading every day can improve communication and relationships

Is it healthy to read every day?

Daily reading reduces stress similar to humour and Yoga by promoting a calm mind. Less stress means better health, which is one health benefit of reading! Stress increases blood pressure and heart rate, prerequisite conditions for heart attack and strokes. Reducing this stress can prevent overeating while providing a lower risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes. Why not reduce stress and increase happiness levels by reading a bit every day?

Reading also improves your brain function. It can help you maintain your memory and cognitive functions later in life. Daily reading alleviates the effect of brain degeneration over time. important in keeping a person’s mind engaged even at old age.

Another 2013 study suggested that individuals who regularly read throughout their lives were less likely to develop lesions, plaques, and dementia.

There are many health benefits associated with reading every day. People with healthy habits are often avid readers. You can build excellent routines by incorporating reading into your life.

How to read a little every day

Attempting to read every day can seem like a hassle at first, possibly even a boring task to add to your daily to-do list. But with all the health benefits and the enjoyment that can come from reading, why not give it a go? Reading daily will become a habit in no time, especially if you follow these suggestions to get you started.

Set a reading time every day

How to read every day

There are a lot of time-wasting activities that may escape your notice and take away your reading time. It is easy to dismiss reading in the world of social media and online content. The secret to staying consistent is by setting a specific time for reading. It could be when you wake up before breakfast, after lunch, or before bedtime. Give yourself a starting length of 10-20 minutes. During this time, turn your phone on silent and move away from it. Sit somewhere quiet and comfy while you complete a short read.

Read one book at a time

If you are excited to read more books, you could get sucked into buying too many at once and trying to start all of them. When you are trying to build a daily reading habit, it’s best to start with just one book. You need to allow yourself to become immersed in one story to keep yourself engaged and looking forward to your next reading session.

Give audiobooks a try

If you live a really busy life, but still want to read more, audiobooks are a great option to build a reading habit. You can follow along with a physical copy of the book if you want to mix reading and listening together. But you can also listen to books while completing other tasks such as groceries or exercise. If you are wanting to improve your concentration, just sitting somewhere quiet and listening to your audiobook can help.

It can take some time and dedication to develop daily reading habits. But there are so many health benefits that are associated with reading every day. Often, we lose a lot of our imagination and creativity as we grow older. Reading is just the thing to bring it back! So, go ahead and pick up a new book. Do yourself a great favour and start reading every day again.

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