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Face masks for Sale Australia
With all the news of states locking down in Australia, you might be wondering where to buy a face mask in Australia? Here at Vidar Lifestyle, we offer a range of face masks for sale like the popular KN95 flat fold respirator which offers the best protection of our range. We have also got standard face masks, similar to the blue examination masks you would have seen before.
Why would I need a P2 Respirator / N95 Mask?
Well normally a P2 mask are used mostly in construction, industrial and mining. For the general public you might need one when you are renovating your home. Or you might have one in your cleaning cupboard for when you spray your oven cleaner to protect you from breathing in the chemicals.

For around the home if you are doing any cutting, grinding, welding, or even using a garden blower it is a good idea to wear a P2 / N95 mask. This protects you from the tiny airborne particles that can harm your respiratory system, and potentially can cause long term health issues.

P2 masks are also use for air pollution smog, protecting you when air quality is particularly bad. We saw this recently when a P2 mask was  recommended during the bushfires.

The P2 mask provided a high standard of filtration, superior to most other disposable masks on the market.
N95 Masks Australia
While the P2 mask is the type that usually dominates the local Australian market, the N95 mask has been given a lot of press lately.

This is because N95 particulate respirators are the USA standard. With market power of the USA, there are plenty of manufacturers interested in producing N95 masks. This is because they know there is demand and there is little risk in producing large volumes of masks. The factories know they will be able to sell them. This is why you are seeing recommendations for N95 Mask Australia.

With the unprecedented global demand for particulate respirators, there is an issue with supply of P2 Respirators / P2 Facemasks .
Is there a difference between a P2 Mask and a N95 Mask?
Both varieties are known to be basically the equivalent of each other. Because of this, people refer to N95 respirators and P2 respirators interchangeably. While there are mostly similarities, there are some minor differences between a N95 mask for sale and a P2 mask for sale.

The main difference is each is assessed and certified against a different country standard.

The N95 refers to the USA’s NiOSH testing certification and the P2 represents the Australian testing requirements.

The ‘N95’ reference means that that during sample testing, the respirator blocks at least 95% of tiny particles.  In Australia, P2 masks block at least 94 percent of microscopic particles. Really, at the end of the day, this doesn’t make much difference in respiratory protection to wearer.
Australian P2 Masks
Here are some reasons there are so few P2 Masks in Australia now:

During the bushfire season in December / January the Australian Government recommended a P2 mask to be worn in some areas to prevent smoke inhalation. A lot of the Australian supply of P2 masks was therefore used up.
In mid January, people started sending P2 masks back to their loved ones in China due to the break out of Covid-19, Coronavirus. There was a shortage of the Chinese KN95 masks so Australian P2 Masks highly sought after.
With China also having a huge market demand- and also more of a population used to wearing masks. Chinese Mask factories produce a lot of their own standard particulate respirators (KN95 masks)
Another huge market for mask now is the USA. Manufacturers know that if they produce N95 masks, they have plenty of buyers in America (and also other countries outside America accept N95)
Realistically, Australia just doesn’t have the population and currently does not have the same demand for particulate masks ion global manufacturing terms. We have tried to find P2 Mask factories but basic economics has meant they are hard to find.

This is why you are seeing other global standards of particulate respirators for sale in Australia. But, in times like this, as long as protection comes our way, we just need to educate ourselves about the certification standards around the globe.
P2 masks Australia | N95 masks Australia
In Australia particulate respirators are often called P2 Masks or P2 Respirators. But you may have noticed in recent months that there have been respirators for sale called N95 or KN95.

You are probably wondering what all these different face masks are? How are they actually different to each other? Do they offer the same amount of protection?

Here’s a useful fact sheet by 3M showing the similarities in testing of these respirators across the different countries.
Where to buy P2 masks and N95 masks?
Here at Vidar lifestyle we have particulate respirators for sale. While we normally focus on P2 respirators, in times of short supply we get N95, FFP2, KN95, and other equivalents in.

We ensure that any overseas stock is certified prior to getting it in.  We have been working hard to ensure we have supply of masks and deliver them across Australia.
What are P2 Masks? How are they different to a medical mask?
P2 masks for sale are really what you would call a particulate respirator mask. It is a higher grade of mask than the common nuisance mask, or even the common examination masks you see in your doctor or dental surgery. P2 masks are made from high density melt blown non woven fabric.

If they are fitted properly, a P2 masks creates a seal on your face. This means that particles can’t come in through gaps in the side of the face mask. Most face masks have gaps on the side, so they provide protection from direct hits, but not for particulates just floating about in the air. So while a medical examination mask does have a filter, they do not offer the same level of protection as a N95 mask.

According to the Centre for Disease Control in America a Surgical Mask:

does NOT provide reliable level of protection from inhaling smaller airborne particles
is NOT considered respiratory protection as leakage occurs around the edge of the mask when user inhales

P2 Surgical Masks in Hospitals vs a standard P2 Mask
A standard P2 Mask: A standard P2 mask is not designed to deal with high velocity splashes, sprays, or splatters of blood or body fluids. A P2 mask has gone through a rigorous testing process and is an extremely high performing face masks.

Standard P2 masks are used primarily in construction and industry. But there are some that are used in healthcare settings. According to Australian law, any medical mask for sale in Australia must be registered with the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and has an ARTG number. A P2 mask not designed for medical purposes does not need to be registered with the TGA.

Surgical N95 Mask Australia: A Surgical N95 Mask is is used mostly during operations. The most common one is the 3M 1860. These surgical P2 masks have an extra layer of testing and certification to ensure they provide fluid protection. A surgical N95 mask comes in both sterile and non-sterile options.

According to 3M Personal Safety Division

For workers who will not be performing such surgical procedures or do not need to maintain a sterile field, a standard non-surgical N95 (or equivalent) respirator can be worn to help reduce those workers’ exposure to patient-generated airborne viruses and bacteria.
Should I wear a N95 Respirator?
“About 50 per cent of people with this virus don’t have any symptoms, and the WHO says ‘wear a mask if you’re sick’ but no one knows if they’re sick,” data scientist Jeremy Howard said.

Mr Howard is one of the scientists is leading a push for western countries to prioritise the use of face masks to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“The time you’re most infectious is in the early days, when almost nobody has symptoms.”

Mr Howard recommends the following four piece solution to controlling Covid-19 without going into complete lock down

Quarantine of potentially infected
Wearing of face masks

Protective Masks for Bushfire Smoke
Within bushfire smoke, there are very fine particles and chemicals that are in the air. The PM2.5 particles in particular can get deep into the lungs and enter the bloodstream.

These particles are tiny and can get through most face masks. And any loose fitting medical or surgical mask is ineffective as it doesn’t provide a tight seal around your mouth.

This is why authorities usually recommend a P2 mask during smokey conditions. A P2 mask has been tested to block ≥ 94% of 0.3 micron particles- that is very small!

Handkerchiefs and bandannas are not effective for bush fire smoke, as they do not have the proper filtration to combat such small particles.

Our P2 masks for sale are able to filter out very fine particles from the air when worn correctly. They help reduce exposure to bushfire smoke/ poor air quality and associated health effects. In situations where there is a lot of bushfire smoke, you should stay indoors and put on a P2 face mask when outside.
N95 masks for sale
If you don’t know where to buy N95 Mask Australia then you are in the right place.

There is currently a lot of interest in our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and we are continuing to find alternative ways to buy P2 Masks and other global equivalents so we can help you find our mask shop so you can buy P2 masks online.
P2 Face Masks in Stock
Generally, P2 face masks are for construction and industrial purposes. But recent events with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) have meant that people have had to come to tool shops to buy industrial P2 masks.

While many medical suppliers and other tool shops are comfortable in letting their N95 masks for sale remain out of stock, it has been our mission to work hard and find alternative ways of making sure we have N95 masks for sale or their equivalents.

If you are looking for a mask shop to buy:

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N95 Mask available with Delivery Across Australia
If you are wondering where to buy masks, we have N95 mask for sale and in stock and we are trying to keep the price down as much as possible. We are a small business and are working hard to dispatch P2 mask sale orders as quickly as possible.
N95 mask Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and around Australia – Respirator Delivery
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