Hand Sanitiser – 500ml – Blue Safety

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Hand Sanitiser Gel for Sale

Rifeshow Blue Safety Hand Sanitiser is made with 75% alcohol, instantly destroying more than 99.9% of germs it comes in contact with.

Excellent for use on-the-go, when soap and water is not available, it dries quickly and leaves behind no sticky residue, leaving your hands clean and dry.

A mild detergent clears away stubborn grease while the glycerine and water act as a mild moisturiser, keeping the skin from drying too much.

Packaged in a pump-top bottle, this Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is perfect for quick use by yourself or your guests, at home, in public or in the workplace.


75% v/v Ethanol, Water, Glycerin, A thickener called Carbopol 940 & a detergent/pH balancer called Triethanolamine.


Apply the appropriate amount of this product to the palm, then rub with both hands into all areas of the hands and fingers until dry without washing.

Please note, this Hand Sanitiser is for external use only.
It is flammable, so keep it away from children, heat or flame.
Keep out of eyes, ears and mouth, and if it gets into them, wash it out with cold water immediately and for 15 minutes following exposure. Discontinue use of hand sanitizer if skin irritation or rash occurs, and don’t rub it into open wounds, as that will hurt.

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