Baby Fat And Puberty – Will I Lose Weight As I Grow Up?

Weight and self-image are often a concern for many pre-teens and teens as their bodies begin to change and grow during puberty. This can trigger a range of questions with one of the most common being, ‘will I lose weight as I grow up?’

Losing weight is not always guaranteed as you grow up. Often you put on more weight as you get older. Many people find that they lose their ‘baby fat’, they fill out and that their body changes shape during puberty. Everyone is different and you may lose a bit of weight, but it can easily come back.

Do you lose weight as you grow up?

Some of us will lose weight as we get older and stretch out during puberty. This will often involve becoming more muscular for boys and becoming slightly curvier for girls as they begin to develop breasts and wider hips.

Will I get skinnier after puberty?

As some of us get older, grow taller and stretch out through puberty, we might lose some weight. Often this involves becoming more muscular and curvier. But others won’t lose any weight and might even gain some during adolescence. This includes having more fat on the stomach, hips, bum, and legs. But this extra fat isn’t all for nothing. It helps our bodies prepare for growth spurts and the physical changes we are undergoing. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because everyone has a different experience with their body changes during this time.

Though others might not show it, everyone develops insecurities. But your health is the most important thing. Sometimes a bit of extra fat actually means that you are very healthy and taking care of yourself.

You can eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis, and still find yourself weighing more than someone who eats whatever they want and does no exercise. This can become a great source of insecurity or frustration, but it really shouldn’t be! Weight is a very individual thing and you should try to avoid comparing yourself to others because every body is slightly different. Your weight will distribute differently to another person. There have actually been campaigns that show multiple people that weigh the same, but all have different body shapes and sizes.

You are not guaranteed to lose weight as you grow up. The best thing you can do is make sure you take care of yourself, your eating and exercise habits. Most importantly, find the ways to live happily through adolescent years which will build habits to have a positive outlook on life.

Will I get skinnier after puberty?

There is no guarantee that you will be skinnier after puberty. As we mentioned, everyone’s body changes in different ways, including where your weight distributes. The tricky part is that your body will change during puberty and just as you are starting to feel confident in your new body, it can change again. Your chemicals change when you start puberty and again when you finish puberty, and again multiple times throughout your life.

In your late teens and early twenties, you can experience more weight gain as your body matures from a ‘teen looking’ body into an ‘adult body’. This usually means that you will fill out more and you could find yourself putting on weight again.

This can happen for a number of reasons. Firstly, we become less active when we begin working which can lead many people to put on weight. Secondly, lots of us experience cooking for ourselves for the first time after puberty which can lead to an increase in fatty or unhealthy foods. We don’t take into account foods that cause inflammation and other negative reactions and how it affects our weight. Thirdly, it’s all just a natural process that most bodies undergo!

At what age does baby fat go away?

There isn’t a specified age at which your baby fat will just ‘go away’. People go through puberty at different ages. While some of your friends might experience growth spurts and weight loss at age 11, others begin to experience physical changes at ages 16 plus. This is referred to as ‘delayed puberty’, and is nothing to be ashamed of. You will catch up to your peers eventually.

Can you still have baby fat as a teenager?

For some, baby fat may go away at 10, and for others, it may go away at 18. Fat distribution is usually determined by genetics too which means that everyone stores fat on their body slightly differently. This explains why some of your friends may have lost their baby fat whilst yours has remained.

‘Chubby’ cheeks or some extra belly fat are sometimes here to stay forever. So, you should try to love your body and accept it as much as possible without being too hard on yourself. This process might take some time, but it will help you to have a better relationship with yourself and make you happier overall. The key to a positive and good life is self-love. No one is perfect. Plus, having a bit of extra fat on your body can make you appear healthier.

But it’s also good to make sure you are regularly exercising and maintaining a balanced diet. This can result in some weight loss if that is something you desire. You need to approach this with the right methods. You should still be having three meals a day in good portions and drinking plenty of water. Nurturing your relationship with yourself and food is so important. Make sure you are reading reliable sources when trying to lose weight.

Can you still have baby fat as a teenager?

You can definitely still have baby fat as a teenager. As stated above, having baby fat isn’t a bad thing. It’s natural as your body is beginning to change and adapt to adulthood for you to experience a build-up of fat in different areas. You could still have ‘baby fat’ throughout your teens and into your twenties! This is what causes people to say some adults have a ‘baby face’ because they still have baby fat in their cheeks.

You might not have much fat during your teens or twenties. But as you age more, your body will naturally store fats in different areas again. Your fat distribution is constantly changing throughout your lifetime. For instance, fat tissue after 30 will usually store more in the centre of the body to protect the internal organs. A decrease in oestrogen will also change fat storage for women.

Weight gain and weight loss are natural parts of life that everyone will experience at some point or another. Sometimes you will find there is a bit of fat that you will carry with you throughout your whole life. But, as we’ve said, this isn’t a bad thing! Having a bit of fat on your body is healthy. It’s important to recognise this and build a healthy relationship with your body while you are young.

Being body positive will not only benefit you, but it will help those around you to feel better about themselves as well. While the media tries to portray one ideal body type, this is not the case. A lot of these ‘perfect’ bodies are edited and aren’t even real to begin with. So, try not to focus too much on weight being a signifier of your self-worth. Look at your surrounding communities and you are guaranteed to find people of all shapes and sizes that are happy. That is the best thing you can be!

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