Staying Active: Can Video Games Help You Lose Weight?

Video games have a reputation for turning people into couch potatoes. Gaming is often viewed as a ‘lazy’ activity, but new studies have suggested that playing video games can help you burn lots of calories. Who would’ve thought?

Gaming should not be a replacement for other exercise, but it can contribute to you losing weight. High-intensity games increase your heart rate which can help burn calories. Fun, active games such as Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure and Just Dance can also cause you to lose weight without even realising.

Can you lose Weight By Playing Video Games?

Certain high-intensity games that boost your heart rate can cause you to lose weight. A fresh study by Stakester observed the heart rate of 50 volunteers whilst playing FIFA and Call of Duty: Warzone. Their results found that typically a male gamer burns over 420 calories in a single two-hour gaming session. Female gamers could burn around 472 calories in the same timeframe!

As a general rule of thumb, experts recommend reducing your calorie intake by at least 500-1000 per day to lose around one pound per week. These numbers are pretty close to those found in the Stakester study. So, you can reduce your weight by gaming. However, it is important not to solely rely on gaming to lose weight.

Too much time indoors and staring at screens can negatively impact you in many other ways. It can contribute to eye strain, headaches and developing lazy behaviours. A lazier mindset can end up increasing your weight because you aren’t motivated to do exercise. It also encourages bad eating habits which will negatively affect your health.

But if you only game for a couple of hours a day plus add other physical exercises to your routine alongside gaming, imagine the results! Say you figure out how many days a week you should walk, plus gaming time. Imagine the great weight-loss results you could have!

Is There a Way to Lose Weight and Still Play Video Games Often?

Which game is best to lose weight fast?

By incorporating active games into your screen time, you can start to lose weight while playing video games often. As we mentioned earlier, Stakester’s study found that gamers burnt quite a lot of calories just from inactive gaming. This refers to gaming that doesn’t involve much movement. So, adding active gaming to their game time, where they get up and about to play, can increase their weight loss. This is without losing any game time at all.

This is a good option for gamers because they still get the same mental stimulation as they would from other games, whilst physically moving. This has been proven to be especially useful for obese children trying to lose weight.

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre studies have found that playing active video games was comparable to doing moderate-intensity walking for children. Plus, the exciting stimulation can stop them from feeling tired at the beginning of a workout. In this case, the workout might be a few rounds of Just Dance.

Which Console Has the Best Exercise Games?

With an ever-growing addiction to screens, several gaming companies have taken the lead to create highly active video games in an effort to battle obesity. Yet, there are so many exercise games to choose from today it can be tough to know which ones are the best.

One highly suggested console for exercise games is the Nintendo Switch. This console uses sensors and handheld controllers to track arm movements rather than the whole body. They have a variety of games that require movement including Just Dance, Fitness Boxing, and American Ninja Warrior. Nintendo has had a long history of interactive gaming including the popular Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, and Ring Fit Adventure.

The Sony PlayStation is another great option. It has a few accessories to help with your workouts. These include the Virtual Reality (VR) headset and move motion controllers which allow you to physically control your character’s actions. This feature has been added to many games like After The Fall and Fracked.

Next, the Xbox One fitness games are great if you have the Kinect system. Sadly, this option has now been dropped by the company. But, gamers who still own the console and accessories can enjoy games like Kinect Sports and Zumba Fitness World Party.

Is Switch Boxing Good For Weight Loss?

Switch Boxing is a great exercise game option that makes good use of the Switch’s motion controllers and can help you lose weight. There are around 15 songs to choose from to match the pace of your workouts. These help to keep you driven and engaged. The game also contains a daily fitness streak challenge which lets you unlock achievements the more you play.

Plus, Switch Boxing allows for personal customisation. You can choose what your trainer looks like including their gender, build, and, clothing. You can also pick different routines depending on how you feel that day. If you’re not up for an extreme workout, you can do easier routines. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, try a harder option.

Can Dance Games Help You Lose Weight?

Can gamers burn 200 calories?

Dance games can definitely aid your mission to lose weight. Dance-based games like Ubisoft’s Just Dance usually require the player to mimic the dance routines shown on screen.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, 30 minutes of intense dancing can burn around 180 calories for a person weighing 125lbs. A person that weighs 185lbs can burn up to 266 calories. So, just over an hour per day could help you to lose around a pound per week. This is if we compare that to the advice of burning at least 500 calories per day as stated above.

Most dancers will tell you that “dancers don’t run”, which means they don’t question if a 2km run is worth it. Instead, dance is their exercise. But dance games vary again from professional dancing and should be paired with other weight loss methods to see serious results. This involves a balanced diet and steady exercise like walking.

Which Is The Best Game For Weight Loss?

The best games for weight loss are mostly incentive-driven mobile phone games.

There are lots of games that help you to walk or run around whilst earning rewards. Pokémon Go is a great app and is free to download. It allows you to walk about and find monsters hiding in your area. What a great way to fit in your 10,000 steps!

10,000 brisk steps help you lose around 400-500 calories, and the average person can do this in around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Alike, Walkr allows your steps to fuel a spaceship which lets you discover over 25 different planets. These rewarding exercise-based games add a fun incentive to your workout which can help those who are unmotivated.

Paired together with a good diet and regular exercise, gamers could see real weight-loss results with the aid of video games. In the future, it will be exciting to see how gaming companies innovate to create even more interactive games for weight loss.

But, while gaming is lots of fun, you should be careful to still get outside for a while each day. Otherwise, you might start having headaches from being inside all day. Vidar Australia has lots more health, lifestyle and exercise tips in our blog. We also stock packs of KN95 masks that you can grab so that you always have one nearby.

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