Can You Lose Weight By Playing Just Dance Every Day?

Losing weight can feel like a chore for many of us. But it has been proven that you can lose weight by playing active video games which can make exercising much more enjoyable. Just Dance is a competitive dancing game with so many fun songs and routines to groove along to. So, you might be wondering, is Just Dance a good workout that will keep you both active and entertained?

You can lose weight by playing Just Dance every day because it’s a great form of cardio exercise. Playing it helps burn lots of calories and boogying along to popular hits is sure to get your heart pumping. But playing Just Dance should be paired with a healthy diet for genuine weight-loss results.

Is Just Dance a Good Way to Exercise?

Just Dance is a good way to exercise as it is a fun workout that will keep you motivated to do it regularly and can improve your cardiovascular health. Just Dance is often lauded as a fun and engaging way to get some exercise without even realising you’re working out. The game involves following on-screen dance routines set to popular songs, challenging players to mimic the moves as accurately as possible. 

Just Dance is a good workout as it helps you to burn a lot of calories, it can also increase your endurance, give you better balance and improve your mood. The fun exercise can lower stress, build muscle, and give you stronger lungs. Other advantages of Just Dance as a good workout is that it enhances blood flow, self-confidence, and spacial awareness and coordination. So, playing Just Dance is good exercise as it can benefit you in a variety of mental and physical ways.

The key to losing weight through playing Just Dance is to do routines that are high intensity. It is a lot harder to lose weight if you simply do exercises that don’t push you physically. You should be choosing routines that get your heart rate up and involve a lot of movement. Alongside this, you should consider a calorie deficit diet because your diet is the biggest key to weight loss. 

But is Just Dance a Good Workout?

While Just Dance may not be a substitute for more rigorous, targeted workouts, it offers a full-body workout that can improve cardiovascular health, enhance coordination, and boost mood. Depending on the intensity and duration of play, it’s possible to burn a significant number of calories. How many calories does Just Dance burn you may ask? Some sources suggest up to 200 calories in 30 minutes for more vigorous routines. The Just Dance workout can be a fun and engaging way to get some aerobic exercise, offering players a chance to dance to popular songs while burning calories.

But, the effectiveness of Just Dance as a workout does have its limitations. The game primarily focuses on aerobic exercise, so it may not offer the comprehensive strength training one could get from weightlifting or specialised fitness programmes. Also, because the routines are choreographed for entertainment and not specifically for fitness, they may lack the structured progression that traditional workouts offer for optimal fitness gains. Despite these limitations, Just Dance can be an excellent supplement to a more balanced exercise routine, especially for individuals who find traditional workouts to be monotonous or uninspiring.

How Much Weight Can You Lose By Playing Just Dance?

Will Just Dance cause belly fat loss?

If you play Just Dance for around one hour a day for 6 days a week, you could lose over 250g (about half a pound) per week. This does depend on various factors including your current body weight, your fitness level, and the amount that you exert yourself during each routine. But it is interesting to think that video games can help you lose weight. If you can keep a consistent routine with high intensity for a month, you could see weight-loss results of almost 2-3 pounds per month.

Pairing this hour of Just Dance alongside a calorie deficit diet can boost your weight loss to just under 2 pounds per week. A calorie deficit diet refers to the reduction of your food intake by roughly 500 calories per day. This pair can mean that by the end of the month you could lose over half a stone without stepping into a gym! It could almost be as good as running 1km a day!

Can Just Dance Help you Lose Weight?

Just Dance can help you lose weight as part of a balanced fitness and diet regimen as it provides a form of aerobic exercise, which is essential for burning calories and subsequently shedding weight. Cardiovascular activities like dancing can help create a calorie deficit when combined with a healthy diet, which is necessary for weight loss. According to various estimates, you can burn anywhere from 150 to 200 calories during a 30-minute session of Just Dance, depending on the intensity of your movements and the specific dances you choose. These figures may vary from person to person based on factors like age, weight, and overall fitness level.

But, it’s worth noting that weight loss is a complex process that involves more than just exercise. Diet plays a significant role, as does strength training to build muscle mass, which can further aid in calorie burning. While Just Dance can help you lose weight, it should not be viewed as a stand-alone solution for weight loss, but rather as a component of a more comprehensive approach that includes a balanced diet and other forms of physical activity. If your primary goal is weight loss, it’s advisable to consult with healthcare professionals for a tailored plan that suits your individual needs. Can you lose weight by playing Just Dance? Yes, playing the game can contribute to weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and additional forms of exercise. Incorporating Just Dance into your fitness routine can contribute to Just Dance weight loss goals when combined with a balanced diet and other forms of exercise.

Does Playing Just Dance Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Just Dance can help you to lose belly fat because dancing should activate your abdominal muscles. This is especially the case if you really exert yourself and put your all into the routines.

But if your goal is to lose belly fat specifically, a more ab-focused dancing style could give you quicker results. Belly dancing is one option that helps lose belly fat by contracting your abdominal muscles, involving a lot of rib slides and belly rolls. Another good option is Hip-Hop which allows you to isolate certain parts of your body for enhanced weight loss. The isolation of body movements requires a lot of abdominal tensing and will help build your core strength while losing weight.

Belly fat loss is also very much dependent on having a healthy diet. Enhancing your soluble fibre intake, cutting down on alcohol, and eating plenty of protein could speed up belly fat loss alongside playing Just Dance. It’s important to maintain a balanced diet and understand the effects of different foods. For example, knowing common foods that cause inflammation that you might not be aware of.

It’s important to remember that losing any kind of body fat takes time, effort, and commitment. Consistency in exercising and diet is key. But you need to be patient to see your results over time. These changes don’t happen overnight.

How Many Calories Does Playing Just Dance Burn?

In each Just Dance song, a player will burn an average of around 20 calories. But this varies depending on how much effort you put into the routine, how long the song is, and how physically demanding the movements are.

is Just Dance good for burning calories?

The songs on Just Dance are ranked by ‘sweat drops’. 3 sweat drops mean that the routine is more intensive, burning around 23 calories. 1 sweat drop means a song is the least intensive, burning around 18 calories. This is a handy tool if you want to track how many calories you’re burning per workout. It also will indicate how much sweat and weight loss to potentially expect. Try making all of the songs 3 sweat drops to truly feel the burn.

If we take the average amount of calories burnt per song into account, this means that per hour you can burn around 400 calories. If you play Just Dance six days of the week, you’ll be burning around 2,400 calories and just under 10,000 calories a month. So if you are wondering, does Just Dance burn calories? The answer is yes, this is a great amount to boost weight loss. As we’ve said, pairing this amount with other healthy lifestyle changes can really skyrocket your weight loss journey. Make sure you understand everything you need to know about calorie deficit diets before trying new eating habits.

Which Just Dance Song Burns The Most Calories?

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen is one of the best songs to burn calories to on Just Dance. It is very high intensity and will surely get your blood pumping. ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggins is another great option on Just Dance, as well as ‘Juice’ by Lizzo. These amazing songs may even make you forget that you’re working out they’re so catchy and upbeat.

As explained above, Just Dance shows you the intensity of each dance routine through its sweat ranking system called “Sweat Mode”. You should try to check the intensity level next to each song to be sure you’re making the most out of each workout session.

So, if you’re thinking about buying Just Dance and beginning your weight loss journey, go for it! The sooner you invest in Just Dance, the sooner you will be jumping around the lounge, working on your fitness in a super fun way.

 If the gym or exercise classes aren’t your thing, or you’re nervous about starting a weight loss journey, Just Dance could be the answer. You can play the game in the comfort of your own home and build up your confidence. Equally, you can play with friends and family to make the experience even more fun. The choice is yours.

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