Is Rowing A Good Machine For Your Stomach?

Burning belly fat is notoriously difficult, but we are constantly searching for the best exercises to help with this weight loss. On your search, you might have come across the rowing machines at the gym. So, is rowing a good machine for your stomach?

You can lose unwanted fat from your stomach by using a rowing machine. The amount lost will depend on the intensity at which you use the machine, how often you use it, and length of your workouts. But you must burn calories and fat all over the body to properly see great results and abdominal progress.

Rowing is an amazing full-body workout that will inevitably help you to define your abs. Not only that but using a rowing machine will help you to burn calories, become stronger overall, and increase your muscle mass. So, it’s no wonder these fabulous machines are so popular with people trying to lose weight!

Does a Rowing Machine Work Your Stomach?

Rowing machines absolutely help you work out your stomach. An hour of rowing will burn approximately 400 to 800 calories per session. So, if you are consistent in your use of the machine, you should be able to lose a pound every week. To do this, you should be using it around 4 times a week. This machine is great for working your arms, shoulders, back and core – what a combo! The resistance of the rowing string will engage your upper body muscles. Having to pull on this resistance and maintain form engages the core and therefore works your stomach!

Generally, fat around your stomach, thighs, and hips takes longer to burn than in other areas. So, you will usually start to see progress in your face, chest, legs, and arms before you notice any significant losses around your middle. But don’t let this discourage you! You will eventually see changes to your abs. To do so you should continue to use your rowing machine frequently and at a high intensity.

Is Rowing The Best Stomach Workout?

Rowing is part of a range of exercises that are recommended for midriff fat loss. While you can’t specifically lose weight off your stomach through exercise, cardio and aerobic exercises can help a lot. These types of exercises include rowing, brisk walking, cycling, and running. You should try doing even just a brisk walk 3 days a week to help improve your core.

Rowing alone isn’t necessarily the best method for fat loss. There are a lot of different types of exercises that you can do to mix up your routine and make your stomach more toned. Just make sure you find exercises that work for you and that you enjoy. This will make your weight loss journey far easier, keeping your motivation up and keeping you mentally stimulated. Many people prefer using rowing machines compared to working out on treadmills because of the extra stimulation.

Is it worth doing rowing to lose stomach fat?

 It’s difficult to say whether rowing is ‘the best’ stomach workout because everyone’s bodies are so different and respond to exercises slightly differently. High-intensity interval training otherwise known as HIIT workouts are also great for stomach fat loss. These workouts involve short bursts of intense exercise alongside lower intensity moves and rest breaks.

To do this on a rowing machine, simply warm up for 5 minutes, then row as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Afterwards, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this process 8 times for even more intensity. So, you will be completing 8 sets of 30-second extreme rowing. Not only will these workouts help with fat loss, but you will notice that your endurance and lung capacity will increase too.

Can a Rowing Machine Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Rowing will undeniably help you to lose belly fat. But a lot of fat loss on your stomach will be aided by a healthy diet and being in a calorie deficit. If you are overeating or eating very unhealthily, you will not see the results that you desire. Even if you are putting a lot of work in on the rowing machine, without a good diet your results will be minimal.

A diet to help lose belly fat includes eating plenty of soluble fibres like legumes and Brussels sprouts. Also avoiding too much alcohol, eating plenty of protein, cutting back on sugars, and reducing carb intake. You should take note of foods that cause inflammation, especially ones you are unsure of. These foods won’t help your gut health which is also important for your weight loss journey. Only when you begin to take control of your diet will you see amazing fat loss results on your stomach.

The number of calories each person will need really varies depending on age, height, and gender. If you need some advice, there is plenty of nutritional information online for those looking to burn stomach fat. There is advice from nutritionists regarding calorie intake for weight loss. Alternatively, you could speak to a doctor or nutritionist to guide you in your fat loss journey.

Do Rowing Machines Tone Your Stomach?

Does rowing get rid of love handles?

Rowing machines do help to tone your stomach as do other forms of cardio exercise. Rowing machines will tone more than just your stomach. This is why you should put effort into toning and strengthening your body overall. Focusing on your entire body will help you gain a toned stomach eventually and see results in areas that you didn’t originally think of exercising. 

All in all, rowing machines are great if you want to lose fat from your whole body. This in turn will reduce the fat from your stomach and get you closer to your ideal physique. But don’t think that a rowing machine will immediately give you a six-pack. You will need to ensure you are properly using a rowing machine for the best exercise.

Belly fat loss requires consistent work, and it may take months or years to get the body and fitness that you want. Everyone’s fat loss journey is different. Don’t give up and keep on rowing!

Does Rowing Get Rid Of Love Handles?

Love handles are the areas of skin that extend outwards from the hips, and they are a particularly tough spot to lose fat from. But rowing can indeed help to reduce your love handles significantly.

Similar to what was stated above about belly fat loss, you can’t just target fat loss on your hips by using a rowing machine. Eventually, you will notice fat loss in all areas of your body if you are consistent enough in your exercise routine.

So, try not to obsess too much on just one area of your body to lose weight from. Instead, view the rowing machine as a way to generally lose fat which will help you to lose your love handles after regular use.

There are so many ways to build up your fitness levels. The options are so diverse these days that even videos games can help with weight loss! You could use Just Dance for strength and cardio or stick to a 1km run a day. Vidar Australia has plenty more health and exercise information to help you switch up your current routines. Be sure to check out more of our articles!

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