How To Get Your Parents To Do Exercise

Exercising regularly is very important for maintaining good health, assisting with blood circulation and muscle development. As children, our parents encourage us to be active, but they often overlook their own health and exercise habits. When this happens, how do you get your parents to do exercise?

Mixing activities with running errands, socialising, or spending time with you can be effective in getting your parents to do exercise. For elderly parents, you could hire an instructor and consult with their doctor to tailor exercises to their health needs. Stay positive to keep your parents active.

Below, we have more advice to help you get your parents to do exercise.

How do I get my parents to exercise?

One way to help get your parents to do exercise is by setting up a fitness plan with them. If you do this for them, you can make sure you find out all you need to know for their health. Parents get very busy so trying to organise exercise plans with a good amount of research will be tricky. They will most likely keep putting it off and then never get around to doing more exercise.

Also, if you have parents that haven’t been consistently active in the past, they might not know where to start. This is another reason why helping them create a fitness plan will be good.

Most of us have a competitive side and engaging this side of your parents is a way to get them to exercise. Play on their desire to become the best at something and make sure this could happen. You don’t want to challenge them and then discourage them by crushing your parents in the competition. The last thing you want is for them to start hating their child because you force them to do exercises where they can’t succeed.

If your parents played sports earlier in their life, give them an opportunity to reminisce and boast about that time. They will remember the joy and pride they felt with that exercise. This will motivate them to return to it. You could ask them to coach you in that sport if it’s one you like too. Your parents will be more inclined to join in with some training that you do in these situations.

How do I make my parents active?

You can help your parents be active by combining exercise with other activities. This way they don’t feel like they’re wasting their time and can commit to being active.

Combining exercise with chores or errands is one example. You might encourage your parents to park further away from their appointment and walk, or they could bike to the local grocery store. They could do squats while picking up clothes and putting items in the dishwasher. Or they might put on some music and dance while cleaning the house. By finding little ways to incorporate fitness activities, you can easily get your parents to do exercise without compromising their daily activities.

Having your parent’s friend exercise with them can make them more active as well. This gives them the opportunity to socialise while exercising, making the whole experience more enjoyable. This could be achieved by organising morning walks with a friend of theirs or having them visit the local pool together. They are likely to motivate each other with their fitness and be more excited about doing exercises.

Your parents could also attend group activities to meet people and make new friends. You could suggest they sign up for dance classes or a team sport. The socialising aspect that this offers will be a driving influence on getting your parents to exercise.

You could also exercise with your parents. Go on walks with them or be in a team together and play a sport. You might also initiate regular family activities like hiking or biking or even playing Just Dance for exercise at home. This way your parents see you exercise and are inspired to do it themselves. They will be motivated to stay consistent with their exercise because they get to spend continual, quality time with you.

How do I talk to my parents about needing to do exercise?

The best thing you can do, when wanting to talk to your parents about doing more exercise, is to be positive and honest. Voice the reasons you’re worried about their health and highlight the benefits of exercising more regularly. You can talk to them about how even walking three days a week will be very good for their health. Tell them about how exercise relieves stress and releases endorphins.

It’s important to stay as positive as you can when having these conversations. You don’t want to make your parents feel bad about not exercising enough. Instead, you just want to encourage them to be a bit more active.

How do I get my elderly parent to exercise?

You can get your elderly parents to exercise by describing it as a way to maintain their independence or to spend time with their grandchildren. Explain why staying active is so important in all stages of life. Exercise can increase their strength and stamina which has plenty of health benefits! Plus, they will be able to play around with their grandchildren more, creating special memories.

Talk to your elderly parents about what they used to do for exercise. Ask them what they enjoyed the most, such as playing basketball or yoga. Then find a way to adapt that activity to support their body now. This could require a consultation with a doctor, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist. They will be able to recommend exercises that might be similar to your parent’s favourite ones, but that is suited to their current age.

While you’re talking to your parents about their days of exercising, find out if they have a best friend from that time. Using exercise time as a way to socialise is very encouraging to anyone, including parents, to be active. You could reconnect the friendship and end up boosting the physical exercise of more parents!

You might find that you need to vary the types of activities that your parents are doing to keep them interested and motivated. For example, you could go for walks for a month and then start swimming the next month. Swimming is a popular exercise choice for many elderly parents.

How do I keep my elderly parents active?

Your elderly parents might lack confidence and feel ‘too old’ to exercise, so provide lots of encouragement and support to keep them active. You could also ask questions about their progress. Be aware though that asking too many questions may feel more like criticism than interest so mix it up with some praise.

If you help your parents set small fitness and health goals, you could celebrate their achievement of these goals over dinner. Or possibly reward them with a small, thoughtful gift. This helps them to stay active because they feel their efforts are being appreciated and made meaningful as a result.

Hiring a professional fitness instructor can help keep your parents active because then they have a person holding them accountable. They will have someone to oversee their progress, keep them on track and achieve their health goals. Your parents won’t want to waste the instructors time and will be more inclined to show up for exercise. This could also solve issues of your parents becoming distracted when in your presence if they focus more on catching up with you than exercising.

The best thing you can do to get your parents to do more exercise and keep active is to talk to them and remain positive. Don’t badger them about exercising, but encourage them to find at least one activity to get them moving. This will help them boost their health and lifestyle majorly.

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