Does Online Fitness Training Work?

Fitness videos and online coaching have become very popular training options over the past decade. But people are sceptical about how effective they really are. Does online fitness training actually work?

Online fitness training can produce great fitness results provided that you are consistent with your online program and following coaching advice. There are many different programs to suit anyone looking to train with more flexibility. The hard part is holding yourself accountable for your training.

Read on to find out more about online fitness training.

How does online fitness training work?

Online fitness training is a very independent form of personal fitness coaching, where a trainer remotely assists you. Their level of involvement is determined by the online program that you choose. You are likely to receive your exercise regime through on-demand training videos. These videos can be delivered through an app or online dashboard.

Most programs will also offer an interface for communicating with your coach. Initially, this interface is used to meet your coach and discuss your fitness goals. They will then direct you to the best program, or tailor one to you specifically. Then you can use the chat function to ask questions, correct your technique, and receive motivating messages from your coach along the way.

You can choose to complete home workouts or for your coach to design a fitness plan for you to use at the gym. They will ask you to record yourself completing each exercise and send it through to them. The coach analyses your form and will give you feedback, usually at the end of each week.

You can achieve the same results from online fitness training as in-person training if you have the discipline to stick to your schedule. You must be willing to push yourself and then have your coach encourage you after your workout. If you can maintain discipline on your own when online fitness training, you can lose weight and reap all the benefits of in-person fitness training.

What are the benefits of online fitness training?

One of the biggest benefits of online training is that you can save yourself a lot of time. You don’t need to commute to attend an online fitness class. As long as you have a good internet connection and room to move, you can do an online fitness class anywhere. If the class is pre-recorded, you can do it at any time that best suits you.

How does online fitness training work?

If you are using online personal training that requires you to go to the gym, you still have a more flexible fitness plan. You can organise to go to the gym when you have time, without worrying about organising the best time to meet your trainer. Then just send through your training videos afterwards, and your trainer will get back to you when they have time. It’s a great way to reduce pressure around training sessions, especially when working out as a parent.

Also, for those who are uncomfortable visiting a traditional gym and exercising in groups, online fitness training is a private experience. You can try different exercise regimes and trainers while at home. It will also decrease your experience of anxiety and intimidation as a beginner. You might start off with online training and then, as you build your fitness and confidence, decide to also have gym sessions.

Finally, online fitness training is cost-effective. Most virtual programs tend to be less expensive than their equivalent in-person programs. A personal trainer might cost $60 per physical session, but you could have a weeks’ worth of online coaching for $40! The deals are endless, so it’s great to shop around.

How can I get the best out of my online fitness training?

To get the best out of your online fitness training, you need to hold yourself accountable for completing your exercises. An online fitness coach will do everything they can to encourage you to keep active and progress with your fitness. But, like any other challenge, you have to be self-disciplined enough to keep following the online fitness program.

For online fitness training to work, you should set aside dedicated times each day or week for exercise sessions. Stick to these sessions as best you can. Exercising through online fitness training should become a habit for it to work. The best way to create this habit is to follow the habit loop, pictured below.

How to make online fitness training work

For the habit loop to work, you need to pick your online fitness training times. These times are the cue for you to start the action that is to become a routine. Then organise rewards for yourself. Your initial reward will be the good feelings that occur from exercising. Your first bigger reward is something you can give yourself if you complete all of your online fitness training (the new habit) for one week. This is a small gift such as flowers, a new book, new socks, or a coffee cup. This is rewarding your achievements and dedication to this new habit.

When you have successfully completed your online fitness training for three weeks, give yourself your second reward. This should be bigger than the first. It could be a new outfit, new makeup, new shoes, anything that you really want. This is a great way to develop a new online fitness training habit and see results from your training.

What does online fitness training cost?

Depending on the program you choose and the level of one-on-one training you want, the cost of online fitness training varies. There are a few online fitness training programs that are free, which could be an option for you. These aren’t personalised experiences but can give you enough basic fitness starting points for your online fitness journey.

What does online fitness training cost?

For a bit more of an online fitness program that still isn’t tailored for you, the cost can be as little as $10 to $20 a month. The average cost of this kind of online fitness training, though, will be closer to $50. It’s still a good deal that can include workout videos, meal plans, live online sessions, and question and answer times. An example of this kind of program is the TruFit program challenges offered by Michael Brunelli.

As we mentioned, online coaching could cost you $40 a week. This could include a tailored workout program for you to follow at the gym or at home. You record your training, send the videos to your coach and they provide feedback to you. They will then adjust your program depending on how you are going with the exercises.

The prices of online fitness training will change with every program. But there are lots of benefits to this type of fitness training. It’s all about choosing the best online fitness program to suit you.

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