7 Tips on How Parents Can Find Time to Exercise at Home

Finding time to exercise can be tough, especially if you’re the sole caretaker of the kids. But if you get creative, you can fit in some movement and stay healthy.

Here are 7 tips on how to do at-home workouts for mums and dads.

1. Exercise While They’re Asleep

We know that while the kids are asleep, that time is usually reserved for chores or a quick shower. But if you know they’ll be asleep for a while, you can definitely fit in a quick 30-minute workout.

For example, let’s say the kids are asleep from 8:00 pm. You can always try and get a work out done after they go to bed. Many people use this time to watch TV, but just 30 minutes of the news each day could be transformed into a great opportunity equalling hours of exercise time each week.

Take full advantage when your children are down and out for the count; get some exercise in while they’re not awake to distract you.

2. Take Turns With Your Partner

For those of you who are raising children with a partner, take advantage of the fact that there are 2 adults available to watch them at all times. If you both need to get daily workouts in, think about taking turns watching the kids while the other partner gets a full session in.

This can be very time-efficient, as it can accommodate both of your busy schedules without too many sacrifices.

For instance, If you’re home anyway after dinner and your partner wants to get a workout in during that time, that’s your time to watch the kids. On the other hand, if you like to get early morning workouts in, then your partner can supervise the children before they go to work.

You can section off a room in the house (such as the study) as the designated at-home workout spot. Once a parent goes in, the other parent and kids aren’t allowed to disturb them.

3. Play Sports as a Family

If your children are on the older side, you can consider playing a sport as a family. For example, maybe they’ve expressed interest in playing soccer or football. These are both very feasible to do together as a family.

Grab a ball and either kick or toss it around in the backyard to one another. This can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. Not only that, you’ll be able to get some exercise in and your kids will also get to hone their skills for sports.

4. Have the Kids Follow Along

Do your kids always beg for your attention while you’re trying to get a Pilates or yoga session in? Minimise your distractions by having them follow along with you!

If you’re afraid the workouts you’re doing are too difficult for them, not to worry. There are plenty of workouts for mums with toddlers online. Just do a quick Google search to put one on when your kids just won’t leave you alone.

This can be a great way to bond with your children. Plus, this can foster a love of the same workouts their mum does, which can give you some workout partners for life.

5. Have a Dance Party

Perhaps your kids just don’t have the attention span for Pilates, yoga, or other exercise routines. If they get bored easily, then give a dance party a try!

Just hook up your iPod to some speakers and have everyone dance it out in the living room. If your children have some requests, make note of them and put them on the dance party playlist for next time.

For those of you who have kids that seem to have endless amounts of energy, having daily dance parties is a great way for them to burn it off and get to sleep nicely in the evening.

6. Stop Being a Couch Potato

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health? The more you can get up and move, the better.

Take a moment to think about how often you’re sitting while at home. For example, do you spend hours after dinner on the couch, watching TV with your partner and kids? Then use this time to get up off the couch and fit some exercise in.

There are various things you can do while watching TV. You can try doing leg lifts, pushups, or some yoga stretches. You can switch this up every day so you don’t get bored of the same routine.

7. Work out During Chores

You probably have chores you have to take care of. From folding the laundry to mopping the floor and wiping down surfaces, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate an at-home workout.

For instance, you can fit in some squats while folding the laundry. Or you can do some curls with a small dumbbell while wiping down surfaces, switching hands every minute or so.

Not only can you get some additional activity in, but you can make chores just a bit more interesting and fun.

Try These Tips for At-Home Workouts for Mums

A study on parents found that on average, they have barely over 30 minutes a day of true “me” time. For Australian parents (and other parents all over the world), this probably sounds about right.

Now you have some great tips for at-home workouts for mums. Hopefully, this has made you realise that you don’t need the gym to get a good session in. Instead, you can get a busy mum workout in at home, all while looking after and having fun with your kids.

So if you ever think making time for exercise is impossible, think again! Fitness for mums is certainly feasible when you get creative.

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