Am I Too Old To Start Playing Tennis?

Watching the Australian Open each year can really get you pumped about tennis, but many of us never picked up the sport as a kid. Still, tennis is a great game to get involved with. Are you questioning if you’re too old to start playing tennis? Well, you’re about to become even more excited.

Tennis can be played for fun at any age provided that your physical health can handle the sport. To become a professional tennis player, it is best to start tennis as a child. But it is still possible to go pro if you start in your early 20’s. Playing tennis as an adult offers lots of health benefits.

Not only is tennis a fun sport, but it helps you maintain good physical health at any age. Still not quite sure if you could start tennis? Keep reading.

What age is too late to start playing tennis?

There is no cut-off age for playing tennis, but it is your goal that will determine if you are technically ‘too late to the game’. If your goal is to go pro on a tennis court, the best age to start playing is 10 or below. This is because most tennis players reach their prime in their mid-twenties when they are most active. Combine their growth in physical strength, plus years of technical training, that’s how they end up on the professional court.

But if you plan to play tennis for fun and casually, it’s almost never too late to play! People have started tennis in their late 60’s and will play, sometimes until they are in their 80’s. There are actually many health benefits to playing tennis across your lifespan, which we will talk about in a little bit.

If you start tennis as a young adult, you could still compete but will be unlikely to make it to the big professional matches. But it isn’t all about competing! Tennis is a great way to stay active and have some fun.

It’s important to remember that, even though there is no technical cut-off age, your body won’t always be able to handle a sport. Listen to your body and if you are starting to have regular pain and aches, it could be time to take a break. If your body seems to be keeping up fine though, it’s a green light to play tennis!

Is 23 too old to start tennis?

Is it too late to start playing tennis in my 20's?

At 23, you still have the energy and strength to start playing tennis. Getting in some professional matches is still an option at this age too! But you will need to work extra hard under the guidance of a good coach. You will need to develop and training and career plan from the beginning and tennis will become your whole life.

But you have the physical abilities and enough time still ahead of you at 23 to qualify in the national ranking of professional players. This alone is an excellent achievement.

If playing professional tennis isn’t a worry and you’re looking to play for fun, 23 is a great age to start tennis. You could find a beginner training program and practice as often as you’d like. There are lots of tennis clubs that offer social games that you can get involved with. You can also try and rope in some of your friends to play tennis too! Any physical activity is more fun to do with friends. Take your 1km running partner to the tennis courts and practise your sprints while learning a new sport. 23 is a great age to pick up tennis for fun to stay active and give yourself a stress reliever.

Is it possible to learn tennis as an adult?

It is possible to learn tennis at almost any age, including as an adult, and reap the health benefits that come with the game. But starting tennis as an adult is a bit more of an independent journey. So, we have a short guide to help you begin tennis as an adult!

Buy the appropriate equipment for a beginner tennis player

To start playing tennis, you will need to buy good shoes, exercise clothes and a racket. You can find specific court and tennis shoes that are designed to support your feet and ankles when playing tennis. Otherwise, a multipurpose sneaker will work if it has good ankle support.

When you’re buying a racket, it’s good to ask for advice from a tennis coach and the employees in the store. They can help you find the best racket for your skill level. If you’re new to playing tennis, it is recommended to get a racket with a bigger head size and lighter frame. This gives you more power, compared to a smaller head size and heavier racket which allows more control.

Investigate tennis techniques and get advice from an instructor

It’s important to research swinging techniques when you are starting to play tennis. Good technique will help prevent injuries from the sport. You can find videos made by tennis professionals and coaches that explain tennis techniques. You can also seek out an instructor for a few beginner tennis lessons to get the hang of the game.  This is a better option because they can give you feedback and help adjust your actions. With their help, you will gain a powerful swing with the technique to control the ball better. Once they have given you the basics, you’re free to go off and practice yourself!

A tennis coach is a good idea to start tennis as an adult

Rent a ball machine to practice your techniques

Once you are familiar with the tennis technique basics, the best thing you can do is practice regularly. A ball machine is a great way to train and continue to improve your tennis skills. The machine automatically launches balls in the direction of your side of the court. It will get you running around and practising all different kinds of swings. The best part is that they are great for solo training. You won’t be waiting and depending on someone else’s availability to practice.

Tennis coaches also recommend a ball machine because it helps you learn faster.

Get a playing partner to practice tennis with

Healthy competition always pushes you to do better and by having a tennis partner you can quickly enhance your skills. The ball machine will teach you a lot, but another player will switch up the ball movement a lot more. This increases your skills because the game is more unpredictable, and you need a strategy for each hit to try and win.

You don’t always have to play an intense match. You could do a casual rally just to have some fun and move about. Instead of trying to beat one another, you and your partner could try and keep the rally going for as long as possible. This is a great challenge that will help you both improve your tennis skills ready for your next match.

It’s always more fun to play tennis with a mate, so give them a call! You will have a good time while staying active and healthy.

Develop a playing routine

When you’re new to tennis, playing regularly is key to developing your skills. Whether you’re playing for fun or with a professional goal in mind, you need to train at least once a week for a start. Try to organise a time once a week or fortnight with your tennis partner to play. As an adult, the hardest part can be finding time to exercise, but it will be worth it.

Playing tennis regularly conditions your muscles and improves your skills greatly. You will also find the most health benefits from tennis by training more often.

What are the Benefits of Playing Tennis as an Adult?

What are the benefits of playing tennis as an adult?

There are lots of health benefits to playing tennis, including stress relief! Sport and physical activity are recommended to disperse all your tension from work and responsibility. What better way to let out frustration than by smacking a ball across a court? Alongside this, your fitness levels, agility, and strength will all improve! Playing tennis for 1 hour can burn 420 calories for women and 600 for me. But wait, there’s more!

Other health benefits of playing tennis as an adult include:

  • Enhanced metabolic functions
  • Lowering body fat
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Improved bone density
  • Better muscle tone, flexibility, and strength
  • Increased reaction times.

These are all great benefits to take advantage of as an adult. You will maintain a healthier body for longer!

While tennis is a great sport, there are other ways to stay active and have fun! Did you know you can lose weight playing Just Dance? Do you know how many days a week you should walk to get the best benefit from the exercise? There are loads more useful lifestyle and health advice in our Vidar Australia blog.

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