Is It Safe To Leave Your Window Open At Night?

Everyone loves the smell of fresh air, especially after long hot days. The best time to get this air is often throughout the night. But, is it safe to leave your windows open at night?

A window can be left open at night if safety precautions have been taken. This can include iron mesh security screens/bars, window locks, sash stops, and motion sensors. All of these can prevent intruders from entering a house with open windows at night, allowing you to peacefully enjoy fresh air.

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Can I leave a window open at night?

You can leave your window open at night if it doesn’t trigger health issues like asthma, allergies or if outside noise doesn’t disrupt your sleep. Lots of people love leaving their windows open, especially during hot seasons, to let in fresh air overnight. There are lots of benefits to getting this fresh air through the house, including reducing odours. But you should only leave your window open at night if you have taken good safety precautions.

If the window is on the ground or first floor, it’s good to have protective mechanisms installed. These include a grille, motion sensors, or window stops. Most of these are easy to install and will allow you to still enjoy the fresh night air. The most important thing is to keep yourself and your family safe. You should lock your house at night, but be able to enjoy fresh air from open windows.

Is it healthy to sleep with the window open?

Should you sleep with an open window at night?

There are reasons as to why we enjoy fresh night air so much. Not only can the cooler air feel nice for room temperature, but it also has several health benefits!

Night air is refreshing

An open bedroom window at night will clear all the stuffiness that accumulated during the day. This can actually help you fall asleep faster than if you’re trying to sleep in a humid and stuffy room. The outside breeze will also improve the quality of your sleep as it relaxes your body and mind. This works best if the outside air is a bit cooler than the air inside your house. If it is still a really hot night, with no breeze, you could be better off leaving the window closed.

Fresh air reduces carbon dioxide build-up

We breathe out carbon dioxide, and this gas can quickly build up in a house with closed windows and doors at night. It makes it difficult to breathe and could interrupt your sleep, possibly without you realising. Without fresh air, your body won’t completely relax overnight, and you could end up tossing and turning a lot in your sleep. Opening the windows will flush out carbon dioxide and the fresh air will improve your sleep. If you have been struggling with getting a good night’s sleep, consider whether you have tried sleeping with the window open. Maybe it will be the right solution for you.

Sleeping with windows open can fix a sleep schedule

If your sleep cycle has been disrupted and you’re wanting to adjust it, sleeping with windows open can help. Our circadian rhythm is our internal sleep system and it’s very sensitive to light. By sleeping with the windows open, your body will wake up with the light coming through the window earlier in the morning. The earlier you wake up the earlier you will be ready for bed at the end of the day. Your sleep cycle will adjust to follow the amount of light from the day.

Irregular circadian rhythms can cause you to feel disoriented and lead to feelings of depression. Sleep is important for your mental health, as well as physical, and a good sleep cycle is best. So, use the natural light from open windows overnight to fix your sleep patterns.

How can I secure a window when I sleep?

Though there are many health benefits for leaving your window open at night, security concerns discourage many people from reaping these benefits. Here are some practical ways to enhance your window security.

Install window security iron mesh or bars

How to sleep safely with windows open at night

Installing bars or drills on your windows is the most effective way to prevent burglars from breaking in while the window is open at night. You can install special safety grills from inside the house. These are a great option for safety because they will keep intruders out. They also can easily be taken off from the inside if you need to escape a fire. They usually have either a quick-release lever or a certain way to push them.

A popular window security option is an iron mesh security screen. It looks similar to flywire but stops street-smart people from trying to break into your home. This is one of our most recommended security options.

Use ventilation window locks

If window bars seem a bit too jail-cell-like, you could use window restrictors. These restrictors stop your window from opening beyond a certain distance, often around the 10cm mark. This allows you to open up your window at night, without leaving enough space for intruders to break in.

Install window sash stops

If your window is fitted with a sliding sash, you can fit lockable sash stops. This will also allow you to open the window with a 10cm gap for fresh air to come in. It still won’t be enough room for intruders to get into the house, so you will be left alone with your fresh air.

Use motion sensors

Motion sensors will help you know when someone is moving around your window. It can read the intruder’s heat and movement and activate the alarm system. You can install a motion sensor on the wall near the window if you want to leave it open at night with enhanced security.

Is it safe to leave a higher window open at night?

Higher windows are mostly safe to leave open at night because they aren’t easily accessible by people from the outside. But, even if the window is higher, you still want to take precautions to protect your family. Evaluate possible scenarios where the window could be infiltrated and take the necessary steps to secure the window. This could be flywire than is fixed in place. Often if a window has some kind of wire protection, no one will bother trying to get through it. This is one of the easiest precautions that you can take if you want to leave your windows open at night.

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