Why You Should Be Locking Your House At Night

For many of us, locking up our home is a natural habit that simply falls into our nighttime routine. Doing so allows us to feel safe and secure from possible intruders as we sleep. Yet, studies show that millions of people still do not lock their doors at night despite the obvious risks.

It’s highly recommended that you lock your house at night because it deters opportunistic burglars and potential attackers. It also keeps your vulnerable loved ones inside, especially sleepwalkers and small children. Locking up prevents dangerous animals or weather conditions from ruining your home.

What Are The Risks Of Not Locking Doors At Night?

There are multiple risks that have the potential to cause serious trouble if you don’t lock your house at night. Firstly, intruders or burglars are a big threat. These types of people are exceedingly cunning. But they can often be easily deterred simply by locking your doors.

This is because they most likely don’t have any lock picking tools on them. They would have to break a window to get in which can wake someone in time to call the police and catch them.

Why do people lock their doors at night

So, by locking your door, you are decreasing the ease with which an intruder could enter your home.

Also, if a burglar gets inside without having to break anything, you run the risk of invalidating your home insurance. Without evidence of a break-in (such as a broken lock or window), you aren’t likely to receive any compensation. This means you won’t be able to claim any stolen items on your insurance and it won’t cost the burglar a cent.

Secondly, locking your door protects you from dangerous animals that may otherwise wander into your home. If your door is open or can be easily pushed ajar, then animals like foxes, dingoes and snakes can come inside. If you live in a remote area, you could even wake up to a croc in your lounge. Especially in times where there isn’t much food around.

If your door is easily opened, then severe weather can also cause a lot of issues. High winds and heavy rain could leave your home a mess while you sleep. It’s always best to keep your door locked to help prevent as many of these potential situations as possible.

Lock Doors To Keep Your Family Safe

As well as keeping your family safe from intruders, locking your doors at night can help to keep your loved ones safe for many reasons.

Young children are likely to walk about and explore their surroundings when they wake up during the night. This means that they could actually walk out of the front door without you noticing. Being so young, they could easily stumble onto roads and risk being injured by traffic. They can get lost or (worst case scenarios) they could be abducted. This sounds extreme, but it is a risk whenever a child is wandering the streets alone. Locking your doors at night keeps your younger children inside and safe, giving you some peace of mind.

For older children, locking your house at night establishes an effective method of curfew enforcement. It gives them a time to be home by. Also, by introducing this early on, they know what times are safe to be out and when they should be inside. By doing this, you can help increase your child’s common sense.

Locking your door can also protect people in your home if they sleepwalk. Sleepwalkers don’t really have a sense of where they are when they are wandering around. They often injure themselves on furniture and stairs inside the home. If they can wander outside, there are so many more risks that pose threats to their safety. Sleepwalkers, if they have access to outside, can drive a car or wander into another person’s home! It’s best to lock the doors to keep them somewhere safe. It could be the only way to stop them from running 2km in the middle of the night!

Do Some People Not Lock Their Doors?

There are many people who don’t lock their doors both during the day and at night. One in eight Australians fail to regularly lock the doors to their homes. Although this statistic varies from place to place, the average is alarmingly high.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ survey called ‘Crime Victimisation’, found 2.4 percent of Aussie households had a break-in from 2019-2020. Over 1.9 percent had attempted break-in situations.

Despite this, only 74 percent of break-ins were reported to the police and only 40 percent of attempted break-ins were disclosed too. So, while the statistics seem low, burglary and break-in rates are much higher than actually recorded. This means that you may not be as safe as you think you are when leaving your doors unlocked.

But, even with these statistics, the rate of unlocked Australian households remains high!

Why Do Some People Not Lock Their Doors?

Is it okay to lock your house at night?

There are various reasons why people don’t lock their doors. Many feel that their neighbourhood is ‘safe’ with a small crime rate and not many dangerous people around. This means that they trust their home not to be burgled while they are asleep and assume that the people around them are completely harmless. Often these people aren’t being street smart and using their common sense properly.

Others don’t lock their doors because they live in an extremely rural area with no neighbours in sight. Although the likelihood is much slimmer, even rural homes can be broken into.

 Is It Just Paranoid To Lock Your Door At Night?

It’s not just ‘paranoid’ to keep your doors locked at night. Unfortunately, burglaries are pretty common experiences and high crime rates do exist depending on the area that you live in. While some criminals simply want to steal your valuables for petty cash, others are out to seriously harm you and anyone inside of your house.

Although many people feel that they are more than capable of protecting themselves if an intruder should break-in, it’s really not about that. It takes a few seconds for someone to enter your home, and they could be armed.

So, why take the risk? It’s always better to be safe than sorry and not regret your decision down the line when it’s too late.

Whether you’re considering leaving your door open at night or weighing up your options, we highly recommend that your do lock your house at night. Even if you feel safe enough to leave it open. No matter where you live, locking your door undeniably increases your protection and makes intruders less likely to enter. Safeguarding your loved ones is the most important thing.

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