How Do I Become More Street Smart?

Being street smart involves using common sense to keep yourself safe when you’re adventuring outside. Street smarts allow you to recognize potential dangers and then take practical steps to prevent these dangers from affecting you. But how do you become more street smart?

To become more street smart, you should actively ask questions about the culture and environment around you. Venture into the streets and analyse your surroundings, making note of potential hazards. Consider how to avoid hazards and follow guidance from locals to gradually improve your street smarts.

Street smarts are learnt across the lifetime, which means you can always improve them and become more street smart.

How can I become more street smart?

Being street smart entails having the resourcefulness needed to survive in the urban world which is based on levels of experience. In order to be street smart, you have to go out there and fully immerse yourself and get in the middle of the affairs of things, these are the things that train you on how to handle situations with your gut telling you what to do, what to say and when to do something the next time they happen.

The trick to becoming more street smart is to focus on being aware of your surroundings when you’re out and about. You can’t increase your street smarts if you continue to live each day either secluded from external environments or in oblivious states. This could be by having your attention on your phone whenever you are wandering the streets. When you’re doing this, you aren’t paying attention to potential hazards in your environment and could end up injured or in some trouble. By taking your attention away from your phone and other distractions, you can then focus on your surrounding settings and analyse for potential safety hazards.

How can I be more street smart?

A lot of street smarts are developed from experience and knowledge of how the world can be. By spending time walking about you can learn to blend in with your surroundings and to listen to your gut. The more exposure you have to a range of situations, the more your intuition will grow. This is part of your street smarts development because you can then analyse situations and listen to your gut instinct on whether something seems safe or not. With every situation that you observe and every environment you analyse, consider your best plan to follow that will keep you safe. By actively making these observations, you become more street smart.

How do I become more savvy and street smart?

To become a more savvy and street-smart person you need to learn as much about your environment as you can – gaining the local knowledge. Being street smart is all about knowing where to go to learn the local tips and tricks for whatever new environment you find yourself in. This happens from talking to local residents that are happy to help you out and answer your questions. Often you will find that these people are servers at restaurants and other kinds of eateries.

The best way to increase your street smarts and savviness is to expose yourself to the external environment in a safe manner. Follow large traffic through the streets to discover popular places. Talk to the local people that you meet at these places to develop a sense of the local culture. Through this, you will learn what areas are good and places to avoid — also signs to be wary of. All of this knowledge helps you become more savvy and street smart in any area.

Is it hard to become street smart?

Becoming street smart can be difficult if you haven’t grown up with exposure to a range of external environments. Your street smarts develop from being exposed to different and challenging life experiences that encourage you to think about the best resolution. Having street smarts is different to common sense because you aren’t born with the natural instinct and have to develop it as you grow. People who haven’t grown up adventuring out into the world and problem-solving in these environments can find it hard to become street smart.

Is it hard to become more street smart?

But, with anything, developing your street smarts can become easier with more exposure to different and challenging external environments. A great way to become street smart is through travel, whether it’s local or international. You can learn about different cultures and the ways the world works. You learn about how to live respectfully in different environments and to keep yourself safe in foreign places.

Am I too old to become street smart?

You are never too old to become street smart or continue to improve your street smarts if you’re willing to learn. If you venture out into the streets and hike around for a while, you will develop a sense of street smarts. You will need to analyse your surroundings, watching how people interact and move. Talk to as many people as you can to learn about the streets and culture of where you are. Your street smarts are developed from learning these things and being exposed to different situations on the streets.

Can you learn to be more street smart from books?

Can books teach you street smarts?

Books can’t properly teach you street smarts because you develop street smarts from real-life experiences and challenges. You can read about other peoples’ encounters on the streets and their methods of problem-solving. But you don’t develop the street smart instinct by doing this. People sometimes confuse book smarts and street smarts, but they are completely different skills.

This isn’t to say that reading can’t help you become more street smart though. You can read about others’ experiences and their solutions. Then when you venture out into the world and analyse your surroundings you might find similarities in the environments. When this happens, you can think back to what you have read about how other people handled that situation. This might guide your judgement and decision about how you react. But this is a resource to assist your thinking process, it doesn’t actually teach you street smarts. You become more street smart by tackling your external environments in your own way and assessing the results of your decisions. These results will then guide you in the next decision that requires you to fall on your street smarts. Continue this sort of exposure and before you know it you will have developed a lot of street smarts to help you in life!  If you enjoyed this article, take a look at our other blogs including ‘why it’s recommended to read every day.’ We have lots more health and lifestyle advice here at Vidar Australia

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