What Is The Hardest Part About Getting Older?

Growing up seems so exciting when you’re a little kid, but as time goes on getting older becomes more and more daunting. We start to worry about ageing and end up with the question ‘what’s the hardest part about getting older?’

The hardest parts of getting older are losing your loved ones, dealing with your deteriorating mental and physical health, and accepting the changes in your appearance. These changes are inevitable as we get older. But getting older is not all bad. In fact, some things in life get better with age.   

You might be nervous about getting older, but the best way to combat nerves is to talk about them! So, let’s keep the conversation about things getting easier and harder as you get older going.

What is the hardest part of getting old?

The hardest parts of getting older include dealing with changes in your appearance, the decline in your health, and losing loved ones.

The changes that occur in our bodies as we get older is a very hard thing for people to face. Our ability to do physical activities decreases which can be frustrating as you slowly stop being able to do things like when you were younger. Our appearance also changes a lot as we get older. We get wrinkles in our skin, our hair often things out, and we can put on more weight. These physical characteristics can’t be as easily ‘fixed’ as you get older. Wrinkles are inevitable and it’s easier to put on weight because you can’t be as physically active as when you’re younger. But the important, recognisable features, such as your eyes and smile, don’t change!

Another hard part about getting older is the decline in our brain functioning. It’s very common for our ability to remember things, stay focused, and multi-task to decrease with age. This is a hard part about getting older because you can’t think in the same capacity as you did when you were younger.

One of the hardest parts about getting older is how we can start to lose loved ones and become more isolated. As you get older, friends and family start to move away. People get married and busy living their own lives. So, you have to focus on your own independent life, while trying to maintain these relationships. Then, as you get older, people start to pass away. Starting to experience your friends passing away as you get older is one of the more confronting aspects of growing older. But it does put importance on finding happiness and being happy whenever you can!

Does life get easier as you get older?

What’s the best part of getting older?

The best parts of getting older include being able to understand the people and world around you while creating your own individual life and family. You experience a range of situations as you grow that help you increase your socials skills and build your common sense

A special perk of ageing is the amount of free time you get to spend with people you are closest to. When you reach the end of your working life, you get lots of time back that can be spent relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Lots of people believe the best part of getting older is having the time to be with their grandchildren, building memories and relationships with them.

Throughout your whole adult life, one of the best parts about getting older is having the opportunity to build your own family and community. It’s an opportunity to develop new relationships where you have a role that you may have never experienced before. This includes becoming an aunt or uncle; a grandparent; a godparent; any kind of parent. Family is what people hold closest to them. So, getting the opportunity to build and watch your own grow is seen as the best part of getting older.

The other good aspect of growing up is the independence that you gain. This comes from creating your career and learning to stand on your own two feet. You have the independence to travel and do whatever your heart desires.

Does life get easier or harder as you get older?

Life gets easier for many people throughout the majority of adulthood and can become harder when you reach elderly age. The experiences we face as adults help prepare us for the future and we develop street smarts with common sense. We also learn to manage our thoughts and emotions and better handle our reactions to things. As adults, we get more responsibilities, but also more independence to build the life we want. This is what makes life easier as we get older.

Does life get harder as you get older?

But life can also get harder in your later years of adulthood. Life gets harder as your mind and body start to slow down. You will find that you stop being as strong and fit as when you were a younger adult. Your memory can decrease with your ability to focus. As you age, you can find it harder to socialise and communicate with others. You can also feel as though you become more isolated. For the most part, the hardest parts about getting older come down to the decrease in your physical abilities.

Does thinking get easier as you get older?

Thinking doesn’t get easier as you get older, but you can prevent thinking from becoming harder by staying mentally active. Our thinking, remembering, decision-making, and many other cognitive abilities are controlled by the brain. Most of us assume that growing older will affect our mental health. Memory loss, inability to learn new things, and inability to multi-task are some of the mental changes we expect in old age. But researchers now believe these mental changes are actually lifestyle-related and not age-related. If you lead a healthy life with regular exercise and a balanced diet, you can stay mentally active as you grow older.

Unfortunately, there are diseases and conditions that can occur in old age that will affect your brain functioning and make thinking harder. These conditions and diseases include atherosclerosis, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.

What are things that get better with age?

Are there things that get easier as you get older?

There are plenty of things that get better with age, including your self-confidence. As you get older, your knowledge of yourself and the world around you increases. Having this knowledge can help build confidence. Developing a successful career and building a good family and support system all contribute to increasing your self-confidence as you get older. These are all bonuses of getting older too!

Other things that get better with age include:

  • Your decision-making skills. A lifetime of accumulated knowledge and experiences helps you to make good choices.
  • Your emotional intelligence. With age and experience comes compassion and understanding.
  • Your ability to let go of things. When you grow older, you learn that you can’t control everything in life. So, you learn to let go of things more easily.

Ageing and the changes it brings with it are unavoidable. But getting older doesn’t have to be scary! There are many things to look forward to. The most important thing you can do is live the best and happiest life you can. Remember to show kindness and keep pushing forward!

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