Thinking Of Running Away? Read This First!

At some point in all our lives, we consider what it would be like to run away. The reasons for these thoughts come from all kinds of situations. But is it really a good idea to run away?

Running away is not a good idea unless it’s absolutely necessary because being on the streets is extremely dangerous. You will have no safe place to sleep, shower, or eat. Homelessness may lead to even bigger issues like starvation, hypothermia, or drug abuse. Always talk to someone you trust first.

Let’s talk more about running away before you make your decision.

Is running away from home dangerous?

What happens if you run away at 16?

Running away from home is very dangerous because you are completely unprotected from violence and disease. Sleeping alone in the streets leaves you susceptible to abuse from strangers including sexual, physical, and mental.

If you become ill whilst alone on the streets, you could get pneumonia or hypothermia. This can quickly turn very serious, and you won’t have someone around to help you. If you run away and hide somewhere, it could take a while for anyone to find you which puts your health in serious danger.

Plus, lots of illegal activities happen on the streets. This includes drug use, prostitution, or stealing. You could get caught up in lots of trouble with the law even unintentionally. Plus you will be in a position for potential physical or mental harm. Being alone is also very isolating and upsetting. Your mental state will deteriorate drastically if you run away and don’t seek help.

Why shouldn’t I run away from home?

You shouldn’t run away from home because running away can make your situation much worse. As we’ve mentioned, you can be put in harm’s way and leave yourself vulnerable to so many dangers. At a young age, you are still developing your common sense and street smarts. This leaves you completely vulnerable if you run away. Of course, we understand that sometimes there are valid reasons for trying to escape your household, but there are safer methods to go about it. Is it a good idea to run away? This probably isn’t the resolution to your problems.

If your family cares about you, running away will make the people you love extremely worried and upset. They may think you have been kidnapped or worse. It’s always better to try and talk things out instead of leaving. But, if this is not possible in your situation, seek help from other places. There are organisations like the 24-hour child protection line or the child FIRST initiative.

Why do people run away from home?

There are countless reasons as to why someone thinks to or does run away from home. One of the most common reasons is to avoid abuse or direct violence from a family member. In these cases, people feel that their lives are at risk if they stay and think they will be safer on the streets. If you were to ask them ‘is it a good idea to run away?’ They will tell you that their life might depend on it.

Other people run away from home because they have suffered some form of trauma or upset. This can include parents separating, a death in the family, or the birth of a new baby. Sometimes mothers and daughters struggle to get along, or fathers and sons. This upsetting relationship can cause distance a want by a child to run away. Equally, drug abuse and the shame people associate with it could cause someone to run away. They may not want their family to find out or they may not be in a stable mental state. Or the problem could be as simple as not finding happiness at home.

What can I do instead of running away from home?

Why do people run away from home?

There are so many things you should try to do instead of running away from home. The most important thing to do, if you feel safe enough, is to talk to someone you can trust. You need to find somewhere that you can address the issues that are making you want to run away. This can be a counsellor, a teacher, guardian, parent, police or other child support services.

You should be able to talk to someone and unpack your emotions, which will then help in developing a plan to make you safe.

If you’re not safe enough to talk to someone you know, you should call a helpline which is mostly free and confidential. Many are available 24/7 and are a really useful resource for you if you’re unsure of what to do. Having someone listen to your problems will definitely make you feel better.

Equally, you could try to find a safe space away from home where you can go if things get too bad and you need a temporary escape. This could include a friend or relative’s house. Just make sure it’s with someone you trust and somewhere away from harm. Don’t go seeking housing from another person down the street. Find someone that you know.

If you feel like running away from home, know that there are plenty of other options out there instead. Doing so may only lead to more danger. It isn’t a good or long-lasting solution to your issues.

What happens if you run away from your house?

Running away from home is not illegal in many countries or states, so you won’t be in trouble with the police if you do. But you may be classed as missing if someone is to report that you have run away, especially if you are under 18. So, the police will begin to look for you to check that you are okay.

Police can then contact your friends, family, or place of education to check your whereabouts. You might also get calls from friends and family wanting to make sure that you are safe, and these people might look for you too. Once found, if you’re over 18, police shouldn’t tell people where you are if you don’t want to be found. But there are some instances where police can take you back to your home. They don’t often have the authority to keep you there, but their job is to return you safely.

What happens if you run away at 16?

If you’re 16 or younger and you’ve run away from home, police can be entitled to return you to your parents or guardian. This is especially the case if they believe that you are mentally unwell and need further help or support.

But, if you feel that you can’t go home, police can pass you on to services that will give you the help you need. This involves places that will organise somewhere to stay and get your life back on track. There are plenty of services you can use if this is the case. Know that you’re not alone and that there are people out there who want to help you.

Is it a good idea to run away? Running away won’t solve the issues causing you to ask this question.

Our biggest recommendations when feeling like running away is to talk to someone and to also consider what you can do to feel better. Exercise is a great way to help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. You could try running 1km a day or even walking three days a week to get out of the house. If you’re looking for more health and lifestyle advice to help you out, check out the rest of our Vidar Australia blog!

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