Kids Reusable Masks For Sale with BONUS filters * IN STOCK*


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Kids Reusable Masks For Sale with 2 FREE PM2.5 filters

For those who have kids know that even on a good day they touch everything and then touch their food, pick their nose or put their fingers in their mouth. A cute cloth mask for kids like these kids cloth masks for sale makes it fun for them to wear a mask. It puts a barrier between their hands and their mouth. It also provides them some droplet protection when people speak to them. Kids want to be like their parents, and if you are wearing a mask, and they have an option to wear a trendy kids version, they will jump at the opportunity.

Our reusable cloth masks for kids are made from cotton, and suit an approximate age from 6-12 years old. The specific dimensions for each style is outlined below.

Kids Mask with Filter Pocket and PM2.5 Filters

Each children’s mask comes with 2 disposable filters so you can choose to use a filter or not.

Since it is a multi-layer mask, it provides good protection even without the filter. You can even save the filters for situations where you feel you need stronger protection.

Children’s Mask Style Details

They comes in the following styles:

1: Curved – Groups A,B,C,D,E (See product images for Group information). Dimensions of Group D is 16cm x 11cm. Dimensions of Groups A, B, C, E are 14cm x 11cm. For ease of packing they have been placed into groups of similar style, size and gender suitability. Our staff will select a random style from the Group you select. All curved masks have adjustable earloops.

2: Rectangle (Reversible pattern): Style are DOTS, UFOs, Pink Swirls, Green/Blue Leaf.  They have a different pattern as shown in product images on the other side. Dimensions of this mask is 15cm x 8cm (but is pleated so expands to 11cm)

Please choose your desired shape from the drop down listing.

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Group A: 1 PC, Group B: 1 PC, Group C: 1 PC, Group D: 1 PC, Group E: 1 PC, Rectangle: DOTS, Rectangle: UFOs