ICT Procurement and Consulting Services
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Specialist ICT Services

The services available will be specifically tailored to meet your requirements and needs, and the core products available today are outlined below. All services provided are guaranteed and fully insured to give YOU the confidence to work with us.

ICT Contract Management Life Cycle Framework

Vidar provides services across the full breadth of Contract Management Life Cycle Framework.

Traditionally as part of the overall Contract Management Life Cycle Framework, the end to end procurement lifecycle of ICT encompasses the following key phases:

  • Procurement Planning
  • Probity Planning, non-disclosure forms, conflict of interest management
  • ICT tender document templates (including requirements, response templates and draft contract)
  • Evaluation methodology and associated tools and templates
  • Negotiation Planning and Negotiation Report templates
  • Contract Management Plan
  • Transition-Out Plan and management
  • Contract disengagement

Vidar can provide a full range of Contract Management Life Cycle Framework and ICT procurement and contract management related services including:

  • Review, development and implementation of ICT contract management frameworks, processes and templates
  • Development, assistance or advice on the business, functional, technical and service requirements for the tender and subsequent contract
  • Procurement process facilitation and management (particularly the tender process and evaluation)
  • Development or advice on the evaluation methodologies or tools to be used for assessing responses against the business, functional, technical and service requirements
  • Contract negotiation planning and negotiations
  • Project Management
  • Formal training in the use of Vidar developed templates.

Additionally, if Vidar is not providing other services to a Client that could be seen as a conflict of interest or not impartial:

  • Procurement process audit services
  • Probity Advisory and Probity Auditing services
ICT Procurement Services

The provision of ICT procurement consulting and advice. Using tried and tested methodologies and templates, this service offers high quality, high integrity procurement life-cycle services from requirements design, collection, analysis and documentation, through the full tender process, contract development and negotiation through to ongoing contract management and dispute resolution services.

Testimonial: Steve combines his ICT technical knowledge, business analysis and project management skills with his in-depth knowledge of Queensland GITC (v2 and v5) and Queensland Procurement Policy knowledge gained over a number of years and in several different environments. Steve has developed and managed a number of major tenders and numerous GITC Contracts since 1996, and has been a full time ICT Procurement specialist since 2002.

ICT Consulting/Business Analysis

The provision of ICT consulting, Business Process consulting, and Business analysis in the areas of general ICT, e-Commerce, Data and Voice Communications, Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Radio, Telecommunications and PC based systems. This service can range from the physical installation of your network, through to the independent design, systems integration, strategic planning and recommendations for a system to meet your needs. High level of GITC contract knowledge.

Testimonial: Steve has worked in the electronics and computer industry for over 25 years as an engineer, technical consultant, business manager, and project manager, and has a very wide base of knowledge and experience. Systems experience ranges from PC systems, Xerox office systems and networks, to all aspects of radio, data, voice, WAN and LAN communications and cabling systems. Steve has developed a number of major ICT RFTs and Contracts using GITC.

Project Management

The provision of project management services for ICT projects. This service ranges from network design and concepts, through to vendor identification, qualification, implementation, documentation and training. High level of GITC contract knowledge.

Testimonial: Steve’s highly organised and logical, methodical thinking is combined with his project management and interpersonal communication skills to ensure a successful project. Steve is familiar with and uses Microsoft Project as a tool to manage projects successfully. He has also successfully managed numerous projects ranging from the worldwide launch of a product for Xerox, through to complex communications systems installations, including Intranet and Internet networks.

ICT Personnel Services

Vidar Consulting offers personnel services for ICT contractors seeking work in Queensland government. IS13 mandates that ICT service providers (including ICT contractors) must be engaged under a GITC contract. By contracting through Vidar Consulting we can save you the bother of attaining GITC accreditation, as well as providing you with low cost contractual arrangements, insurances and prompt payment (either as an employee or as a sub-contractor).

Testimonial: Vidar has a simple and cost effective employee/sub-contractor framework for ICT contractors to operate in government at a very small fee.

Please email Steve for no-obligation details.

Terms and Conditions, sample Consulting contract, personal and business referees are all available on request.

If you require further information on any of the above offerings, or would like to discuss your specific needs further, please do not hesitate to contact Vidar Consulting to discuss your requirements.