Is It Okay For Parents To Kiss Their Child On The Lips?

Kissing is one of the main ways that we show affection towards people that we care about. But over the years it has become mostly associated with romantic relationships and other kissing can sometimes be looked down on by society. This has left people wondering: is it okay for parents to kiss their child on the lips?

In most cultures it is okay for parents to kiss their child on the lips when they are very young. It is believed that this act can help increase parent-child bonds. However, some families and cultures are very uncomfortable with parents’ kissing children on the lips, discouraging the act completely.

Let’s try and clear up this answer a bit more for you.

Is it okay to kiss your child on the mouth?

Deciding if it is okay to kiss your child on the mouth or not depends on your family dynamic and the culture you have been raised in. Some people believe that kissing on the lips is for those who are romantically involved and a no-go zone for family and friends. On the other hand, others view this kissing on the lip as an alternative way of love and showing affection to their child.

Is it wrong to kiss my child on the lips?

There are cultures that encourage kissing your child on the mouth, showing affection to kids with quick pecks on the lips. In these communities, it is seen as completely okay to kiss your child on the mouth. If this is what you have grown up around, you will find little to no judgement for showing your child affection in this way.

There will be some parents raised in cultures where kissing children on the mouth is seen as crossing the line and taking affection too far. This means that in their surrounding communities, they will be highly judged for showing this kind of affection towards their children.

Then there are some cultures that accept kissing a baby as being okay but kissing a young child as not.

Ultimately, it isn’t wrong to kiss your child on the lips at a young age. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can show how much you love your child in other ways like hugs.

Is it wrong to kiss my child on the lips?

It cannot be completely agreed on, whether it is wrong to kiss your child on the lips or not. As we mentioned, a lot of this decision comes from your surrounding culture and what is accepted in it. There are some very affectionate cultures that encourage the act and others that completely stand against it.

Some doctors and dentists have weighed on this matter from a medical point of view. They warn about transmitting microbes that are harmless to them but damaging to their kid’s health. Some dangerous infections that parents might have can infect their child through saliva from kissing. This doesn’t make it wrong to kiss your child on the lips, but it is a health factor to consider.

At what age should you stop kissing your child on the lips?

The age you should stop kissing your child on the lips can vary a lot depending on personal beliefs and cultures. Some communities discourage kissing children on the lips in the first place. Other parents’ reason that it is okay to express affection to your child this way.

Why do some parents kiss their children on the lips?

Most parents will stop kissing their child on the lips by the time they have started kindergarten. Some will wait until their child starts school. Other parents will stop sooner because their child starts to develop their independence a bit. The child is then left to decide how they want to be shown affection.

You will find, more so with mothers than fathers, that some children are still kissing their parents on the lips through the first few years of primary school. You should stop kissing your child on the lips as soon as they show any kind of discomfort towards the act. It’s just like when you teach your child to wipe themselves after going to the bathroom, or when they decide they are big enough to shower alone. As they grow, they will tell you their boundaries. This decision-making by them is all part of increasing a child’s common sense and independence. Children often aren’t afraid to speak their minds, so you can wait for them to tell you no and then respect their boundaries.

Why do some parents kiss their Children on the lips?

Parents show affection and love for their children in many ways, including kissing them on the lips. Parents find that kissing their child increases the bond between child and parent. Other parents kiss their kids on the lips to assure them they are loved and protected.

It could be part of the parent’s culture to show affection this way too. Ultimately, it is a way of showing their children affection and making them feel loved.

Kissing child helps parent-child bonding

Psychologists have found that kissing children can help the parent-child relationship by creating an affectionate bond. They have likened it to breastfeeding and the way mothers and children become bonded over that act.

Being a new parent is hard, especially with a baby that cries all night and can push you to your limits. Finding ways to show affection and positive attention to your child is a good way to get through these trying situations. These include telling your child you love them and giving them kisses and cuddles. Being a parent can be tricky and tiring, but always remain calm, especially in times of little sleep. Showing affection can help you and the child out a lot.

Should a father kiss a daughter on the lips?

Should a mother kiss her son on the lips?

A father who grew up kissing his parents may view kissing the daughter on the lips as normal and welcomed. On the contrary, a father who grew up not kissing their parents may find this practice offensive. In most western cultures, it is seen as inappropriate for a father to kiss a daughter on the lips. This has come about because of many legal cases over the years involving adults taking advantage of children. It is a boundary that especially shouldn’t be crossed by a father to a daughter.

Sometimes it isn’t the culture that discourages this act, but the mother. She might feel uncomfortable with the father kissing their daughter on the lips.

Again, it really does depend on the culture and communities that you live in.

Should a mother kiss her son on the lips?

The backlash towards mothers kissing their sons on the lips is less compared to fathers kissing their daughters. Mothers often kiss their children on the lips regardless of gender. This relates back to creating that mother-child bond through affection. It can be instinct for a mother to kiss her child on the lips, no matter their gender.

But there are some mothers who will avoid kissing their son on the lips entirely because they don’t think it’s right.

At what age is it safe to kiss a baby on the mouth?

Doctors advise that mothers don’t allow their babies to be kissed on the mouth before they are two months old. This is because they still have a weak immune system and any infection from mouth kissing can be detrimental to their health. After this critical period has elapsed, it is up to the parent to weigh the risks involved and decide. Some parents might choose to avoid kissing their baby on the mouth entirely because of the potential health risks. Others might wait another couple of months for the immune system to develop more. The best advice we can give is to avoid kissing a baby on the mouth until they are at least two months old.

Raising kids is a daunting thing but can be a very rewarding journey. There are bumps along the road like mothers and daughters not getting along. Luckily though, there are plenty of resources out there to help you out! Vidar Australia has lots of lifestyle and parenting tips! Check out our articles on finding time to exercise at home as a parent and working from home with toddlers!

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