Is It Bad To Walk 10km A Day?

Walking is a simple yet effective cardio exercise that has a low risk of injury and costs little compared to a gym membership. Given that walking is an easier exercise, you can lose track of the distances you cover and end up walking a very long way. Is it bad to walk 10km a day?

Walking 10km a day is not bad. It’s an excellent way to improve your physical and mental health, well-being, and overall quality of life. A 10km walk takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours, which is a good workout time. This can be done at once or in chunks throughout the day for great regular exercise.

So, if you are getting a bit carried away on your daily walks, don’t fret, it isn’t a bad thing!

Is walking 10km a day good?

Walking 10km a day is great for your health and wellbeing, helping you build your fitness levels and relieve stress. Exercising regularly is very beneficial in helping us destress and release built-up emotions. If 10km a day is the distance you need to walk to feel relief, there isn’t a reason that says this is a bad thing.

Research has shown that walking for 30 minutes a day should be a minimum exercise goal for everyone to reap health benefits. Walking 10km can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours which isn’t a bad thing. 30 minutes of exercise is the minimum daily exercise time recommendation. The longer you exercise, the more health benefits you will gain. So, walking 10km a day can be very good for you.

Regular walking helps maintain a healthy weight, decreasing cardiovascular risk factors. Walking 10km a day can also prevent conditions such as type 2 diabetes while alleviating depression. You also strengthen your muscles and continue to improve your physical abilities.

One of the best exercises you can do is walk every day. As long as you don’t over-exert yourself and have the energy and stamina, walking 10km a day can be good for you.

What happens if I walk 10km every day?

What happens if you walk 10km every day?

Walking 10km a day helps you burn fat and get in shape, improving your physical strength and health, as well as helping your mental health.

If you add 30 minutes of regular brisk walking to your routine, you can burn more than 150 calories per day. You can burn even more calories by walking quicker or for more time. By walking 10km a day, you can burn 800 calories, potentially more. This all helps with weight loss and maintaining a good weight.  You do need to pair this with a good diet, avoiding foods that cause inflammation.

Walking 10km a day will build up your muscle strength from your feet to your arms as you engage your whole body. Your stamina will also increase, and you might find that you start jogging as well as walking.

Walking 10km a day will also have a positive impact on your mental health. You will find that some stress that you feel will be relieved from walking 10km a day. There are many influences of exercise on our mental health, especially through stress relief. A 10km walk is a great amount of time to relieve lots of mental burdens while working on your overall health and wellbeing.

Is walking 10km a day bad for your body?

Walking 10km a day can be bad for your body if you are pushing yourself too much. It’s recommended to start slowly and with shorter distances if you are new to walking exercises. You need to gradually build up your strength and stamina which is what helps you walk further. Most people aim to walk 1km a day for a start. Then they either try running 1km a day or walking a further distance.

Is walking 10km a day bad for your body?

But, if you have good stamina and walking form, walking 10km a day won’t be bad for your body. You just need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your health. So, eat good foods that can fuel your body. Drink lots of water and make sure you don’t become dehydrated. Make sure you get enough sleep. Then walk 10km a day to reap lots of health benefits!

How long does it take to walk 10km a day?

A 10km walk can take anywhere between 90 minutes and 2 hours to complete. For newer walkers, people who don’t exercise often, and those who aren’t averagely fit, a 10km walk will take a couple of hours. If you are in this category, it’s a good idea to start with a shorter distance while you build up your strength and stamina. This is also an opportunity to get your walking form down.

As time goes on, your fitness levels will increase and so will your walking speed. This is when you will start covering 10km in a shorter amount of time. Strength workouts are a good way to help increase your walking speed, as well as some interval training.

Would walking 10km a day make me fit?

How long does it take to walk 10km?

Walking 10km a day can help you stay fit and help lose weight. There isn’t a specified walking distance or an absolute number of steps to lose weight. But a 10km daily walk is a great way to burn calories and improve fitness.

Walking builds your stamina and there’s a low risk of getting injured while walking. Also, being low impact, walking doesn’t put too much stress on your joints and tendons. 

Apart from weight loss, walking has several other benefits. Studies have revealed that walking can lower the risk for heart disease by 20%, regulate blood sugar levels, and lower blood pressure within 6 weeks. On top of that, walking can also lower your risk of getting breast and bowel cancer.

The mental health benefits of walking include improved concentration, lower anxiety, stress, and reduced depression. Walking can also protect you against dementia as the blood flow to the brain is increased.

So, walking 10km a day can help you improve your fitness as well as offering a range of other health and wellbeing benefits!

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