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Vidar the name

A description of the name VIDAR.

For those of you too afraid to ask!

VIDAR is not a very ancient god. He was invented in order to serve the greater gods as either an avenger or replacement. VIDAR was the son of one of the great mythological gods, Odin; the god of war and intelligence. VIDAR was called the “Silent As” god because he rarely spoke in the assembly of the gods. He was even called a little slow-witted. He was one of those heroes whose great simplicity or even stupidity does not prevent them from succeeding where more subtle heroes fail. The greatest exploit in his life was when he surpassed Odin himself in courage and killed the wolf Fenrir. He was, indeed, to survive the merciless war between the gods and the giants, and to be one of the gods of a regenerated world.

The wolf Fenrir accompanied Loki. Fire spurted from the beasts eyes and nostrils; from his gaping jaws dripped blood. His upper jaw touched the heavens and his lower jaw brushed the earth. Odin caught sight of the wolf Fenrir and, sword raised, fell upon him. But the monsters gaping jaws were so vast that they swallowed up the father of the gods then and there. Thus Odin perished.

But vengeance was near. VIDAR advanced fearlessly towards Fenrir. He placed one foot on the lower jaw and kept it fixed to the ground. His shoe was made of indestructible leather which the wolfs sharp teeth could not penetrate. VIDAR’s right hand raised the beast’s upper jaw toward the sky and into the yawning gullet he thrust his sword – so deep that it pierced Fenrir’s very heart.

After the battle, all the great gods were dead, and a new generation of gods appeared. The new gods were reserved to renew the world.