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Personal info

Steve is married to Sylvia and has 2 grown up children РVicki and Amanda. Both daughters and their families (including our four wonderful grandchildren) live in easy reach of our home at Samford.

QAS Community First Responder: Following 15 years as a volunteer firefighter in South Australia and Queensland since 1990, Steve became an active and founder member of the volunteer group Samford First Responders (as an honorary ambulance officer), a Queensland Ambulance Service sponsored volunteer community emergency medical service in the Samford and surrounding districts.

Steve is qualified in Applied First Aid, Applied Advanced First Aid (including CPR, oxygen therapy and Automatic External Defibrillation (AED)), and supplemented by substantial QAS on-the-job training and experience in emergency medical incidents working alongside paramedics.

Steve is experienced in emergency radio communications, operations and various aspects of emergency services response systems including design and configuration, radio band plan design and support, radio installations and maintenance, paging systems, and emergency turnout systems.