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Company Profile

VIDAR CONSULTING Pty Ltd. ABN 99 061 826 748

VIDAR is a company specialising in the full range of ICT procurement and contract development and management services. Since 1994 Vidar has successfully delivered a range of ICT services to its Clients including local councils, Queensland government departments and to the private sector. The main office is based in Samford (25km from Brisbane CBD).

Vidar is proud of its reputation in delivering high quality, robust, auditable and reusable ICT procurement frameworks, tender documentation and GITC Customer Contracts.

Vidar draws on the resources of its Director and Principal Consultant, Steve Parry, its team and a number of associate and sub-contract trusted specialists to deliver its services. The value for money and the quality of the services provided is recognised by Vidar’s Clients through repeat, extensions and long term engagements.

Vidar currently has its Director (Steve Parry) with a number of employees contracted across two Local Government Councils providing specialist strategic ICT procurement and contract management services, predominantly on major ICT projects, and the design development and implementation of contract management frameworks.

Vidar resources are engaged using a range of engagement contracts including GITC. The term of the engagement range for periods generally with a duration between 6 months to 2 years. Within Queensland Government and related non-government agencies, Vidar can be engaged using the following whole of government and local government panel arrangements:

  • ICTSS.13.10 ICT Services
  • ICT Resource Manager
  • Direct GITC Customer Contract (Module 8 or Module 9)
  • Local Buy ICT Specialised Consulting Services (BUS248-0415 (B)).

Vidar also utilises its extensive network of highly skilled resources to provide it services to its Clients. Vidar has provided specialised ICT Procurement and Contract Management services for over 17 years. Its staff deliver highly respected professional services and have a unique blend of skills and experience at Contractor and Consultant level in:

  • ICT technology
  • ICT project management
  • ICT project governance establishment and advice
  • ICT project performance reviews
  • Independent advisory services
  • ICT procurement (including managing all aspects of major ICT tenders)
  • Options analysis
  • Queensland GITC contract design, development and negotiation
  • Vendor engagement
  • Contract performance reviews
  • Strategic and general procurement and contract management advice
  • Operational management of major strategic ICT contracts
  • ICT Consulting/Business Analysis
  • ICT Personnel Services

Recent contracts and engagements include:

  • Conducting multiple ICT tenders (conception to contract execution and handover) for the Queensland Smartcard Queensland Drivers License for the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)
  • Development of Significant Procurement Plans for ICT Infrastructure for two major new hospitals for Queensland Health
  • Multiple tenders for voice, data and telecommunications services for TMR
  • Major ICT services tender for a major new hospital for Queensland Health
  • Strategic ICT procurement for a major SAP project in Queensland Health
  • Development of a whole of department ICT Master Infrastructure Procurement Plan (MIPP) for Queensland Health
  • Contract development and negotiation of major software licensing contract with a global company for TMR
  • Ongoing operational management of a number of major strategic contracts for TMR

Vidar Consulting brings to its Clients a commitment to be the supplier of choice for high quality, expert, specialised ICT procurement and contract management services.

Steve Parry, Director and Principal Consultant, has worked in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry for over 25 years in the UK, California and, for the past 20 years, in Australia. His career has spanned technical support, technical customer service and for the past 15 years has various fulfilled consulting, project management, business analysis, business management and specialist ICT Procurement roles in the ICT industry. Since 1993, Steve has been a successful independent contractor and consultant providing services to the ICT, energy, finance, mining, telecommunications, transport, local government, state government and health industry sectors.

The success of Vidar has been largely because of our commitment to getting the job done, and our clear focus on the customer requirements from the initial definition, articulation and agreement through to the constant verification that keeps our projects on target. Steve’s credentials and testimonials demonstrate that he is an excellent, business focused technical and strategy consultant, and project leader in the information technology space.

VIDAR offers you the opportunity to benefit from his knowledge. VIDAR will augment its own in-house skills when required by utilising the services of other qualified associate consultants.